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The sports name Mondioring (Mondio Ring, World Ring) is translated as the World Ring. It is a combination of French Ring, Belgium Ring, KNPV (Dutch Sports), and Schutzhund. In Mondioring all exercises are performed together - obedience, jumping and then protection.

German Shepherd in AttackMondioring is a very interesting and exciting form of dog sports. This discipline emerged in Europe in the eighties of the last century. Its appearance is due to the fact that representatives of different dog schools in Europe decided to develop the specification allowing them to compete with each other. Thus, the Mondioring (MR) organically combines the elements of French and Belgian rings (the history of which has more than a hundred years!), and some other national European schools. Mondioring Attack WorkThis sport is very popular in France, Belgium, Switzerland and some other countries. In 1990 the discipline was officially recognized in France, and in 1995 - by the International Canine Federation.

The Authors of Mondioring tried to combine the elements of the word's best protective sporting contests. Because of a variety of distractive factors and situations used while the dogs demonstrate their developed skills, Mondioring is exceptionally interesting both for spectators and participants. Dogs are required to show work of the highest level, which can be achieved only through long practice, and only by animals with excellent hereditary. Only compenet and professional experts can achieve success in this sport, in this case, one can claim the highest results. Training a dog is a long and hard work. In Mondioring each participant at the start line performs all the exercises consistently, almost without interruption and relaxation: obedience, jumping and then protection. At MR level 1 all the exercises take about 20 minutes, at MR-2 about 30 minutes, at MR-3 - 45 minutes. A well-trained dog should be able to quickly and adequately respond to the changing environment. Mondioring Dog in Action

Of course, it is much better to take work dog puppies and educate them specifically for this sport from the early puppyhood, then to try to reeducate adult dogs. Athlets and coaches will follow exactly this way and, gaining experience with heir own dogs, will take the puppies to form them for this sport in future. This is a way to avoid many mistakes while preparing their four-legged friends and to perform more and more successfully.

Mondioring is a very dynamic and spectacular sports: it may be interesting not only for specialists, but also for a wide range of breeders and spectators, who are not familiar with dog breeding.  Biting Performance MondioringMany countries just start dealing with Mondioring, but in today's championship one can see dogs, properly trained fully deserving the highest points. In addition there are also dogs with a high potential, but who still have to work hard.

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