What to Do in Order Not to Lose a Dog?

As a rule, the majority of the owners who have managed to bring back a lost pet, are already aware that having a dog ID tag tube would accelerate their return considerably, and that no one can be sure that such a nuisance as the loss of a pet will never happen to them.

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The reasons for these accidents are different, but if you are not lazy to put an irremovable ID tag tube on your dog, it certainly does not remove the responsibility of caring about it, but gives a pet a great chance to avoid the dangers and come home quicker.

In addition, the chances of the dogs with notable ID tube to get help increase greatly, because people see the opportunity for simple action on their part, and they will understand that the pet with such a tube is obviously very important for their owners. For an ID tube to work, it must be worn permanently and not on the collar. The tube on a collar is not good because usually dogs do not wear collars permanently, at any time, in any situation. Very often the dog is lost as a result of being frightened and slipping out of the collar, and then wearing the ID tube is useless.

And even if the dog ran away with the collar on, it happens too often during the dog's wanderings that dishonest people take these collars off along with the tube, of course, and no one can expect that it will not be done even to a dog looking very serious. Therefore it is best to wear an ID tube on a separate strong cord, difficult to tear, of such a length that it cannot fall down by itself, but at the same time it can be removed / put over the dog's head. This is important in cases when the dog, while wandering, is caught on something, then it is better to remain without the tube than to get injured. Nylon Training Collar for Small Dogs  

It is desirable for the cord to have a circular cross section and is sliding, then it will not provoke formation of tangles of long-haired dogs. The lace color should be contrasting, bright, so that it is visible to those who meet the dog, and brings the idea that some information about the dog can be there.

The ID tag tubes themselves can be of any kind, while choosing it is important to pay attention to the fact that information is not available to moisture (so that the text doesn't fade), does not fade in the sun, cannot be erased. The ear of the tag tube should be strong and unbreakable. Another very important detail is a strong ring. Unfortunately, most tubes are sold with small weak rings, so it is very important to replace the ring with a more reliable one for active dogs, because if the ring straightens itself up the tube gets lost.
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The tube itself should be selected individually, depending on the dog breed and personal preferences. For small dogs small capsule can be fitting, which contains a piece of paper with contacts, which is better to paste over with a tape to prevent the text form damaging by moisture. However, many have complained that the capsule comes untwisted, the lower part is lost along with a piece of paper, but if you spin it stronger, then all will be ok. You can also press the tag tube with pliers a bit without damaging the thread. You have to get access to the information anyways, just applying more effort while unleashing the capsule. 

ID tag tubes are convenient because they do not disturb a pet, do not scratch the owners and look like decoration. Nevertheless, because of their small size, they are not very noticeable on large dogs with short hair and are absolutely lost on long-haired dogs. It is better, though, to put such a tube on a dog than to put none.
There are also impressive medal tags with engraving, more reliable and noticeable. Such tokens are sold in zoo shops, but you can also make an engraving on any of them. If you choose among token-like tags, pay attention to the ring and ear, and even the thickness of the medal so it will not break.

Our company, which cares for your pets in different situations, from pro training to walking, suggests you two types of tools for your dog identification: ID tag tube and dog collar with ID plate (nylon collar and leather personalized collar).
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