Under the aegis of the German Club, clubs of many countries have gathered. Their alliance began to be called WUSV (die Weltunion der Schäferhundvereine).
Currently, this organization, which has more than 500 thousand members in its ranks, occupies a leading position in international dog breeding.
Every year WUSV conducts an international competition on IPO and agility. To get to WUSV, you need to go through the championship of your country, which holds a national club of lovers of German shepherds. 5 participants are chosen who will be part of the national team. Agility International Championship
In addition to them, two participants join the reserve in case someone from the national team can not get to the international competition.
Fans of German shepherds and sports, whether IPO or agility, visit WUSV as soon as the opportunity turns.

Head Judge: Herr Heinz Gerdes ( D )
Head Judge: Herr Günther Diegel ( D )
Tracking Supervisor: Peter Mayerl
Judge section A: Herr Clemente Grosso ( I )
Judge section B: Herr Jari Kokkonen ( FI )
Judge section C: Herr Horst-Dieter Träger ( D )

World Championship WUSV-2018 will be held on October 2018 in Denmark in BIONUTRIA PARK RANDERS ("Auto Park"stadium in Ranners commune, home ground of the Randers football club).

1. Head Judge: Mr. Heinz Gerdes (Germany)       WUSV Championship Protection
2. Head Judge: Mr. Günther Digel (Germany)
Tracking Supervisor: Mr. Peter Mayerl (Austria)
Judge section A: Mr. Clemente Grosso (Italy)
Judge section B: Mr. Jari Kokkonen (Finland)
Judge section C: Mr. Horst-Dieter Treger (Germany)
Click on this link: http://www.wusv2018.com/xdoc/325/pre-registrering_stande.pdf to register. Visit the site and find more detailed information.

Here we present the WUSV-2018 Schedule.
1/10/18 - Training at stadium (IPO3)
2/10/18 - Training at stadium (IPO3)
2/10/18, 19:00 - Drawing IPO3
3/10/18, main field - World Championship IPO3
3/10/18, 8:00 - 18:00 - Registration of Agility participants
3/10/18, 10:00 - 18:00 - Animal control of Agiliti participats
3/10/18, main field - Training Agility
4/10/18, main field - World Championship IPO3
4/10/18, main field - Training Agility
4/10/18, 19:00 - Drawing Agility
5/10/18, main field - World Championship IPO3
5/10/18 - Competition Agility
6/10/18, main field - World Championship IPO3
6/10/18 - Agility competition
6/10/18, 8: 00-10: 00 - registration of Show participants
6/10/18 - Show
6/10/18 - Closing ceremony at the stadium, Show
6/10/18 - Closing ceremony at the stadium, Agility
6/10/18 - Festive gathering according to Danish traditions
7/10/18, main field - World Championship IPO3
6/10/18 - Closing ceremony at the stadium, Agility, IPO3

All other details for our customers can be checked with the providers on the site http://www.wusv2018.com

This is an opportunity to get to know the international community of lovers of German shepherds, to communicate with breeders, coaches, athletes, and decoys. For a single-minded person, getting on WUSV is a direct way to the world level, where new horizons are opened.
Dog Protection Championship
The event captures and enthrals, gives emotions and impressions. WUSV is worth it, especially for owners of German Shepherd, interested in something more than just training.

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