Wire Basket Dog Muzzles & Leather Dog Muzzles

We offer only safe dog muzzles.

Our cage muzzles and leather muzzles prevent biting, chewing, licking and eating from the ground. Our dog muzzles are well vented and padded for the best comfort of your pets.

Sphere of application of our muzzles is unlimited.

We produce wire basket muzzles and leather dog muzzles that do for every purpose: walks, dog training, work with dogs etc. We offer special K-9 muzzles that can be used for agitation work too. The prices vary from €29.9 till €89.9.

1. Greetings to you, I bought the muzzle in your company and my dog experienced high comfort. Thank you so much. Best regards

From Steve, Birmingham

2. Hi there, your muzzle fits my dog literally perfect. I know it's worth the money spent for it.

From Pete, Netherlands

3. Hello, my dog waited for good muzzle for walk and I at last bought it. It really helps to prevent eating from ground, thank you.

From Maria, Czech Republic

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