Prong Collar Made of Curogan with Lock Buckle

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Curogan Prong Collar with Special Click Lock Buckle "Lock It Fast"

Sooner or later the moment comes when you need to correct the behaviour of your dog, even if you started teaching him good one since his early ages. What to do? Well, what you definitely SHOULD NOT do is using physical punishment or aggressive behaviour. The dog needs to be corrected tenderly though firmly. Besides, you may use effective tools approved by experienced dog handlers and trainers, and this is, for example, our Curogan Prong Collar with Special Click Lock Buckle.

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Pinch Collar for Dog with Quick Lock Buckle

Dog Collar of Unbeleivable Strength for Behaviour Correction

Why is it special? Because the click lock buckle assures quick and easy fastening; the protector, in its turn, prevents sudden releasing of the prong collar. This wonderful buckle holds off the load of about 200 kg (485 lb), so just imaging how strong and long-lasting the collar is!

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New Designer Prong Collar

Designer Solution for Disobedient Dog - Curogan Prong Collar

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Solid Prong Collar 40 cm

Magic Tool for Dog Teaching

Key features of this Dog Pinch of Curogan Alloy:

  • rust-resistant
  • gold-looking
  • tensil strength increased
  • D-ring for a leash
  • click lock buckle with protector
  • carefully arranged prongs
  • non-allergic curogan alloy

Intended use of this Dog Training Collar with Prongs:

  • dog behaviour correction
  • controlled walking

Sizes available:

  • Width of the collar - 20 mm (4/5 inches)
  • Weight - 1/3 lb (125 g)
  • Diameter of prongs - 2.25 mm (1/11 inch)
  • Size - 40 cm (16 inch)


  • curogan

The first who taught your doggy obedience was its mother. That is why pinch collar is so effective – its evenly arranged prongs make the same effect as the mother's teeth did! Consequently, it is clear for your dog to understand good and bad when you use this Curogan Pinch Collar for his correction. Our 40 cm (16 inch) long curogan collar with diameter of 2.25 mm (1/11 inch) will also protect the coat of your pet from discoloration and skin irritation.

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Buckle of the Prong Collar for Dogs

Solid Buckle with Protector for Easy Unlocking

The prong collar made of curogan is standard size (ten links). It fits the dogs with the neck circumference (measured behind the ears) of 14-15 inches. In case the pet's neck is bigger (e.g. 17 inches), you need three more links to add. Note that each link adds 24 mm (1 inch) to the length of the prong collar. Don't be upset if your dog gets weight or looses it – you don't need to buy a new collar! Just remove or add links to it without even using special tools or requiring particular abilities!

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Smooth Prongs of 40 cm Prong Collar

Prongs Imitating Mother-Dog Teeth

Consult specialists about choosing and using the collar, get this Curogan Dog Pinch, do not leave your pet unattended while wearing it, and become happy friend of an obedient happy dog!

Other Sizes Available Link to Correponding Listing
3.25 mm (1/8 inch) link's diameter Curogan Collar for Disobedient Dog - 3.25 mm (1/8 inch)
4.0 mm (1/6 inch) link's diameter Curogan Prong Collar Non-toxic - 4.0 mm (1/6 inch) link diameter

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Chromium Plated Prong Collar Black Steel
Prong CollarChromed Pinch Collar with Lock Buckle

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