Prong Collar in Stainless Steel for Dogs

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  • Model: HS24#1057 50004 (55) (3.25) Collare con le punte di Herm Sprenger
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Prong Collar for Dog 3.25 mm Herm Sprenger

Training a dog properly may seem tough and complicated, even sometimes not really rewarding. But in reality it is not difficult when started early enough, and when an individual approach is combined with love and care. And, when you add to this a top notch training gear :) If you know how to use prong dog collars, please, pay your attention to this stainless steel prong, which can help you to train a strong, disobedient or even an aggressive dog. Of course, the heads of the prongs should be smoothed and polished in order to avoid injuries, and the wire should be thick enough - then the prong collar is what it meant to be - a training tool, not a tool for punishment. A correct way to put the collar on is to separate two of its links, and not to draw it on through the head.

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Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Prong Collars

Effective Training Stainless Steel Collar

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Herm Sprenger Prong Collar Fitting Size

Find a Right Herm Sprenger Collar Fitting Size

What are some of the caracteristics of this Stainless steel HS prong collar? First of all, it is, of course, more resistant to water than the ordinary steel. If your dog contacts with water often enough, this advantage will be very significant to you. The prong collar of this HS24 model weights about 200 g (7 oz) with length of 58 cm (23 inch) and prong's diameter of 3.25 mm (1/8 inch). In case your dog's neck circumference is bigger than 50 cm (21 inch), you can get an additional link of 3.5 cm (1 2/5 inch). To be sure you've purchased an original HS pinch/prong collar, check for a metal tag with red mark and stamping on the links.

Key features of this Stainless Steel HS Dog Collar:

  • HS made
  • super strong
  • prongs evenly arranged
  • 2 O-ring to clip a leash
  • opportunity to get additional links

Intended use of this German Quality Prong Collar:

  • obedience training
  • effective behavioural correction
  • safe dog walking

Sizes available:

  • prong diameter - 3.25 mm
  • length - 58 cm (23 inch)


  • stainless steel

If you wouldn't like to expose the prong dog collar, you may order a removable nylon protector, which makes the collar look like an ordinary nylon one, protects the product from the light reflection and makes it less noisy. Besides, take note, please, of some warnings concerning the prong collars:
- the most important: a prong collar should be of the right size, fitting the dog at the moment you buy it. It can't be neither too tight nor too loose - otherwise you'll damage the dog's neck, cause breathing issues or it simply won't work.
- never leave your doggy unsuperwised with the prong collar on - it may injure itself for some reasons.
- use the prng pinch collar ONLY for training. As soon as the session is over, take the collar off.

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Where to Buy Herm Sprenger Prong Collar

Get a Firm Stainless Steel Pinch Collar

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Reliable Pinch Collar for Dogs

Stamped Stainless Steel Links

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by Wendy Perthshire, UK
Date Added: 04/06/2017
Just inform that the postman delivered the prong collar so we got it earlier than expected. Many thanks.

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