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  • Model: HS97#1057 50047 010 (67) Collare in curogan 4 mm per cane
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“Firm Control” Dog Prong Collar Manufactured from Curogan

The world turns upside down when you walk your dog? Put everything and everyone in their places – use the “Firm Control” Prong Collar to teach your doggy good manners. Be sure your pet will quickly grasp what is needed and what he should avoid while being walked.

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Curogan Pinch Collar for Dog

Curogan Collar Dog Friendly for Training

Any dog owner may face behavioural problems – no one is immune to such issues. Help your dog to improve with the help of what he understands the best – his mother's reaction to his misbehaviour. 4 mm in diameter prongs imitate the mother-dog's teeth, that is why they are so effective when the dog pulls. So it will remind your doggy about what he was taught from his puppyhood.

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Adjustable Prong Dog Collar

Smooth Shiny Prongs of the Collar

Key features of this Dog Prong Collar:

  • 10 removable links
  • curogan - rustproof and anti-allergic
  • symmetrically arranged prongs
  • modern design
  • click-lock buckle

Intended use of this Curogan Training Collar:

  • calm walking
  • obedience training

Sizes available:

  • 60 cm (24 inches) long
  • width - 32 mm (1 1/5 inhches)
  • diameter of prong - 4 mm (1/6 inch)
  • weight - 355 gr (12.5 oz)

Available colors:

  • curogan>black

Curogan alloy is safe for the dog and doesn't cause allergies to 90% of dogs. Still, some 10 % of dogs may suffer, so, please, be very attentive. Besides, curogan is rust-resistant, so you can use the collar under any weather conditions – when it is sunny, rainy, or even snowy – your “shiny helper” will be there for you, in perfect condition. Use a click-lock buckle to save time while putting the collar on or taking it off. Moreover, do not worry if your pet gets weight or looses some kilos – everything you need to do is just to add or remove links (the collar is 60 cm long, the length of one link is 40 mm).

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Dog Prong Collar with Removable Links

Super Effective Click-Lock Buckle

Do not use prong collars for puppies under 6 months, choose the size of the collar for adult dog properly, and never leave your doggy with collar without supervision – and make your friend the most well-behaving one in the area!

More Collar Sizes Available Link to the Product
2.25 mm (1/11 inch) link's diameter "Lock it Fast" Curogan Collar with quick release buckle
3.25 mm (1/8 inch) link's diameter Dog Collar for disobedient dog

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