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Exclusive Pinch Collar with Nylon Strap

Pinch collar for dog is the product which should be selected carefully and put on properly. Pinch and Prong collars by Herm Sprenger are undoubtedly very famous and reliable. Here is one of the HS Pinch Collar Models. This is the Dog Collar with Nylon Loop and Quick Release Buckle, which makes it easier to out the product on and to take it off. Nylon loop is very pleasant to touch and, consequently, to grab.

Key features of this Metal Dog Collar:

  • smooth and shiny
  • resistant to corrosion
  • super strong
  • excellent for both short and long-haired breeds
  • with two rings

Intended use of this Pinch Dog Collar:

  • daily walking
  • obedience training

Sizes available:

  • length - 58 cm (23 inches)
  • diameter of prong - 3.25 mm (1/8 inch)
  • weight - 200 gr (7 oz)


  • chrome-plated steel, nylon strap

How to measure a dog for this collar:

Some practical information:

  • To choose the proper size of the prong collar, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the dog's head (with ears) and add 5 inches to this dimension.
  • For example: the circumference of your dog's head is 55 cm. 55cm +5 cm = 60 cm. Therefore, the size of the collar should not be smaller than 60 cm.
  • Attention ! If your dog is a puppy or a young dog and is still growing, remember that after a while, the collar will become too small. Please, specify age, breed and sex of your dog in the comments.
  • The perfect size of the choke collar for the dog is if you put it easily on the head of your pet and do not touch the ears. The choke collar shouldn't neither choke the dog nor slip off.

To see how to take measures for the collar click here

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3.90 mm (1/6 inch) link diameter Herm Sprenger collar with nylon loop - 3.90 mm (1/6 inch)

There is at least one detail about this collar that makes it very special - it is chrome plating technique, used in its production. What does it consist of? The metal collar is plated with a thin layer of chromium and polished. As a result, the pinch dog collar becomes resistant to rust and corrosion, more solid, bright, and easy to clean. The size of the described Pinch Dog Collar with Nylon Loop is 58 cm (23 inches), the diameter of one prong is 3.25 mm (1/8 inch). The weight of the product is about 200 gr (7 oz). In case you want to reduce the contact of the collar with water, make it look like ordinary nylon collar, or protect it from excessive sunlight, please, use special Nylon Protector.

It should be noted that the metal buckle is made by Fordogtrainers, not by Herm Sprenger. Only metal links are made by Herm Sprenger. Such models do not exist by Herm Sprenger, we ourselves have added this buckle on advice of professionals and dog trainers. Original collar of such a model does not exist. We guarantee that the buckle and nylon loop form Fordogtrainers are not inferior in quality and durability to the Herm Sprenger part of the collars.



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For detailed information about products, dog breeds or measures please contact our customer service Hunde Maulkorb mail

Customer Reviews:

by Hadas Israel
Date Added: 07/17/2018
A wonderful product. Easy to use and convenient - yes, even for a dog! A perfect gift for the owner and a dog. Must have if you are the owner of a big dog or if you took a dog because you fall in love with it and at one point you realize that it is as charming as it is strong. Necessity if you love your dog and want to protect it from situations in which it can get overexcited and go beyond limits - such as chasing cats and birds, for example. Must have if you walk a lot like us, or a little bit but when it is crowded in your neighborhood. This is also a necessity if your dog is tamed and well-brought up, and you invest a lot in it - to restrain the dog even in extreme situations. All of the above applies to both men and women.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

by Yabunaka Michiyo, Japan
Date Added: 06/20/2017
At last I found a prong collar with a loop, which I had been looking for so long. It is very good that in the middle there is a metal part, thanks to which the links do not slide off.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


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