Pinch Dog Collar from Herm Sprenger, Curogan Choke Collar HS

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Pinch Dog Collar from Herm Sprenger, Choke Collar of Curogan

Pinch Dog Collar from Herm Sprenger! In our dog shop Europe professional dog breeders can find all they need. On this page we present to you the metal dog collar made of curogan. You should know that Curogan is the alloy of tin and copper, that is notable for the total absence of nickel and high durability. The pinch collar is produced by German company Herm Sprenger. This company is known for the high quality of the products. Prong collar is the perfect variant for the dog breeders with dogs that have certain issues with behavior.

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training collar nylon loop europe

Curogan Dog Pinch Collar with loop

Key Features:

  • completely free of nickel
  • quick-release for easy opening and closing
  • nylon loop instead of metal chain
  • antiallergic Curogan alloy
  • 2 o-rings for attaching a leash
  • very strong material
  • beautiful golden look
  • high quality

For using:

  • dog training
  • walking

Available sizes:

  • 65 cm
  • diameter - 3,90 mm


  • Curogan

How you should measure your dog:

Useful information:

  • If your dog's neck is bigger than 65 cm, you can order additional links (1 link adds 4.5 cm length of the chain dog collar) This pinch collar can be used for training and walking. This training dog collar fits short and long-haired dogs.

It should be noted that the metal buckle is made by Fordogtrainers, not by Herm Sprenger. Only curogan links are made by Herm Sprenger. Such models do not exist by Herm Sprenger, we ourselves have added this buckle on advice of professionals and dog trainers. Original collar of such a model does not exist. We guarantee that the buckle and nylon loop form Fordogtrainers are not inferior in quality and durability to the Herm Sprenger part of the collars.

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Saint Bernard Wearing HS Prong Collar

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Top-notch Prong Collar for Lara the Saint Bernard

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Sprenger Dog Pinch Collar for Lara

Sprenger HalsbandStaal HalsbandHerm
Sprenger Halsband

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by Robert & Josee Sanem, Luxembourg
Date Added: 01/18/2017
Dear Ms. Helen Steel, I joined 1 photo of our Saint Bernard girl, 2 years old, with a strong collar by Herm Sprenger. Yours faithfully

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