Extra Link 3.99 mm for Copper Prong Dog Collar HS 50145 (13)


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  • Model: HS56#1057 50145 (13) Maglia di 3.99 mm in acciaio cromato "Antic"
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Additional Links for Antique Copper Plated Prong Collar

If your choice is Antique Copper Prong Collar, you can easily cut down expenses in case your dog gets weight or grows. How to do it instead of buying a new collar for your four-pawed friend? Get several Additional Links! Yes, Herm Sprenger produces not only dog collars but also extra links for them! Should you have any special skills or instruments to enlarge the prong collar you have? No, you may insert additional links very easily. One link is 3.99 mm (1/6 inch) in diameter, and it adds 4.5 cm (1 4/5 inch) to its length.

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Copper-plated Pinch Collar Extra Link

Link for Prong Collar with Stylish Antique Copper Plating

Key features of this Extra Link:

  • solid and reliable
  • antique copper plated metal
  • looking luxurious
  • perfect quality

Intended use of this Dog Collar Link:

  • prong collar length augmenting

Sizes available:

  • diameter of link - 3.99 mm (1/6 inch)
  • length of link - 4.5 cm (1 4/5 inch)


  • Antique copper

You may ask a question: Antique Copper – what is it, and how is it plated to the dog collar? It is a ductile metal, which is usually rolled or hammered into the wire. Besides its reddish color, the characteristics are similar to those of silver or gold, for example high thermal and electric conductivity. This metal is very popular. To avoid greenish color on the surface of antique copper, which can appear with time, please, use a mixture of vinegar and water to cleanse the prong collar.

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Link for Pinch Collar

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