Extra Link 3,99 mm Curogan for Herm Sprenger Chain Collar


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  • Model: HS50#1057 Maglia di 3.99 mm in curogan
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Extra Link for Herm Sprenger Chain Collar

Characteristics of the extra links for the curogan dog collar:
   Material - curogan
   Length of the link - 1,6 inch (4,0 cm)
   Width of the link - 0,2 inch (3,99 mm)

These links do for dog collar from Herm Sprenger 

HS 50045 (67)
HS 50045 (67) N

Curogan Link Prong Collar Herm Sprenger
Curogan Extra Link for Prong Dog Collar from Herm Sprenger

If your dog's neck is bigger than the length of the collar, or if your pet  is still growing up, you can order additional links (1 link  adds 1,6 inch (4,0 cm) to the length of the dog collar).

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