Decorated Tan Collar "Era of Future" FDT Artisan

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Artisan Leather Collar "Era of Future" Tan Handcrafted

Many science fiction movies depict our future full of futuristic technologies, incredible opportunities and, very often, weird characters. We also use innovative technology to produce the dog gear, but what we make for your pets is in no case strange or weird, but very functional and stylish. Now we present the newest Artisan collection collar, named "Era of Future".

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Sturdy Dog Collar for Dogs

Beautiful Tan Collar for Large Dogs

The decorative studs and plates of this fantastic dog collar do really make it a collar of futuristic design. They are made of rust-resistant nickel-plated steel. Each element is reliably set with a smooth rivet, which by no means cuts into the dog's skin and hurts the animal. Such a decoration serves not only to make the collar stylish thanks to its vintage look, but also increases its durability.

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Leather Dog Collar with Various Studs

Studs and Plates on Tan Leather Strap

Key features of this Tan Collar "Era of Future" FDT Artisan:

  • excellent genuine leather
  • traditional buckle for adjustment
  • rustproof chromed hardware
  • optimum width
  • 5 holes for adjustment
  • futuristic decoration
  • comfortable and soft

Intended use of this Wide Leather Dog Collar:

  • daily walking
  • visits to public places and friends

Sizes available:

  • width: 40 mm
  • weight: 185 g (6.5 oz) - 585 g (20 oz)

Available colors:

  • tan

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Designer Leather Collar for Large Dogs

This is How We'll Pack Your Collar

How to size your dog for this dog collar:

How to Size the Dog for a Collar

Some practical information:

  • When you specify the collar size we make its adjustment on the central hole.
  • There are five holes and the distance between 2 holes is 1 inch (25 mm).
  • E.g.: your dog's neck circumference is 20 inches (50 cm). The collar will be adjusted on the central hole at 20 inches (50 cm).
  • You're still have 2 holes for smaller size - 18 inches (45 cm) and 19 inches (47.5 cm).
  • You're still have 2 holes for bigger size - 21 inches (52.5 cm) and 22 inches (55 cm).
  • There is also a tip of the collar after the last hole about 2 inch long (5 cm).
  • As our collars are handcrafted, there can be a little difference in sizes (not a significant one).
  • Two-ply leather dog collars and padded dog collars are 1 inch (2.5 cm) bigger to fit well your dog.

Easy adjustment of the collar is achieved by means of traditional chrome-plated buckle. There are 5 holes in it, so you can buckle the item according to your doggy's neck circumference. Besides, there is a solid D-ring, assuring fast and simple joining of the dog leash. The Artisan collars are extremely comfortable to wear for daily walking, public places visiting, and simple obedience training.

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Leather Dog Collar with Solid Buckle

Stitched Futuristic Collar for Dogs

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Leather Dog Collars with Studs

Adjust this Collar on Your Dog Easily!

The most important element of any piece of dog supplies is the basic material it is made of. Our team of craftsmen uses only high-quality genuine leather, well-oiled and soft. This selected full-grain leather is extremely comfortable to wear - it does not rub, does not disturb the pet and is really durable and strong. Even if your pet is an active puller, this "Era of Future" collar will help you to keep the pet under control. Care for the leather by means of water repellents and leather balsam and enter the new era with comfort and content.

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