Belgian Malinois Spiked Collar with Nappa

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  • Model: C444#1057 Collare in cuoio con borchie a punta per Malinois
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Spiked Leather Collar with Nappa Cushioning for Malinois

Malinois (Belgian Shepherd) absorbed the best qualities of the guard, shepherd and protector. This is a very intelligent dog that, oddly enough, is both plus and minus of the breed. In skilled and good hands it quickly and easily becomes a perfect working dog. Nevertheless, experts believe that such a dog is not for everyone. Work is vital for this athletic, energetic animal.

It is not enough just to practice strenuous exercise (long walks, running with the bike), Malinois needs to train its brain - agility, obedience classes, shepherding or protective service.

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Spiked Dog
Collar Genuine Leather

Great Spiked Collar with Nickel-plated Spikes

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2-ply Leather Collar with Nappa

Stitched Dog Collar with Two Rows of Spikes

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Nickel-plated Hardware of Spiked Dog Collar

Soft Nappa-padded Leather Collar

Key features of this Spiked Malinois Collar:

  • top-quality full grqin leather
  • soft nappa leather cushoning
  • rustproof nickel-plated spikes and hardware
  • buckle leather protector
  • metal details riveted
  • handcrafted

Intended use of this Leather Collar for Belgian Malinois:

  • Malinois walking

Sizes available:

  • 40 mm (1 1/2 inch)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to size your dog for this dog collar:


  • Hole A on the dog collar is the size of the collar in an unfolded state.
  • In general, there are 5 holes, spacing between two holes is 25 mm.
  • But on the dog's neck, the size of the collar will correspond to holes B or C. As the collar is made of double leather, it is thick and difficult to fold.
  • For example, your dog's neck size is 55 cm. If the hole A is located at a distance of 55 cm from the edge of the collar in an unfolded state, being put on the neck of your dog, this collar will be fastened on the hole B or C.
  • Please note that the collar is very massive and heavy, i.e. it can fit the neck size, but to be too heavy for a dog

Owning Malinois, you need to be creative not only in training the dog, but also in choosing dog gear for it. Our craftsmen have made the most of this task – they've created this Spiked Leather Collar with Nappa Cushioning for Malinois. This Modern Design Spiked Collar, made of full grain genuine leather, combines style, quality and comfort within each its inch.

Check this Spiked Leather Dog Collar on Malinois
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Wide Leather Collar for Malinois

Full-grain Spiked Collar for Malinois

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Leather Dog Collar with Spikes for Malinois

Custom Spiked Leather Collar on Malinois

Soft nappa padding is one more distinctive feature of this dog accessory. The nappa leather is made from sheep, kid or lamb skin, and it is 'unsplit'. This type of leather is tough in tear and wear. Solid nickel-plated spikes decorate the collar, being hand-set in two rows and riveted. To make this Malinois Spiked Collar even more reliable, we've stitched it with strong white thread. It also adds to the originality of the product. All the actions – making the collar, stitching, padding and riveting – are performed by hands, so that this Leather Spiked Dog Collar for Malinois serves you as long as possible, and justifies your expectations!

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