Collar with Ornamenting Braid for Dogue de Bordeaux

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  • Model: C43##1057 Collare originale in cuoio per Dogue de Bordeaux
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Nappa-padded Leather Dog Collar for Dogue de Bordeaux

Owning a French Mastiff is not only prestigious, but also pleasant and comfortable. The dog is not intrusive, does not bring too much trouble as to hair care, it is smart and attentive. If there are small children or small animals (cats, small dogs) in the house then there is no reason to worry. After all, patience and restraint toward anyone who lives in the same house with the Dogue de Bordeaux is within him. There are not many difficulties in Mastiff's education. These dogs have a strong nervous system. They do not bark, nor do they attack without reason.

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Leather Collar
for Extra Large Dogs

Extra Large Breed Dog Collar

Numerous wrinkles serve not only as identification mark of this dog breed, but also as a peculiar decoration for it. You could also decorate its neck with beautiful original collar with braids. Consider our Nappa-padded Leather Dog Collar as an option. This dog collar is a star among the most popular dog collars with decorations for large dogs. At the same time, it is one of the most affordable.

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Braided Padded Dog Collar with Nappa

Napa-padded Collar with Stunning Braids and Metal Pieces

Why do we talk about comfort first of all? Because this stunning braided dog collar is padded with nappa leather. What kind of material is it? It is a full grain leather, typically dyed, made from unsplit lamb or sheep skin. Napa leather is known for its durability and softness and, consequently, is used in high quality leather products, as, for example, our Dog Collar for French Mastiff.

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Walking Dog Collar with Braids

Exclusive Wide Dog Collar with Napa Padding

Key features of this Leather Collar for Dogue de Bordeaux:

  • genuine full grain leather
  • handmade stitching
  • nappa padding
  • leather handmade braids
  • metal decorative element and rivets
  • brass hardware
  • edges stitched
  • wide extra comfortable

Intended use of this Decorated Collar for French Mastiff:

  • regular dog walking
  • off leash training
  • obedience

Sizes available:

  • width - 40 mm (1 1/2 inch)

Available colors:

  • black
  • brown

How to size your dog for this dog collar:


  • Hole A on the dog collar is the size of the collar in an unfolded state.
  • In general, there are 5 holes, spacing between two holes is 25 mm.
  • But on the dog's neck, the size of the collar will correspond to holes B or C. As the collar is made of double leather, it is thick and difficult to fold.
  • For example, your dog's neck size is 55 cm. If the hole A is located at a distance of 55 cm from the edge of the collar in an unfolded state, being put on the neck of your dog, this collar will be fastened on the hole B or C.
  • Please note that the collar is very massive and heavy, i.e. it can fit the neck size, but to be too heavy for a dog

This collar is safe for dog's skin and neck, because it is wide enough, and is equipped with leather protector to avoid rubbing and skin allergies. The buckle and D-ring of the collar are made of brass, which is pleasantly shining and rust-resistant. This large dog leather collar is absolutely exclusive because of its design. The collar is represented in several designs – with black leather padding, of tan color, with brass fittings and nickel-plated hardware. It is up to you to choose what would fit your Dogue de Bordeaux the best!

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Braided Collar for Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux Walking in Braided Collar

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by Andrea Bruchem, Netherlands
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Hello, I join a photo of my dog with your collar Cordially,

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