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Leg Sleeve for Trainer, Protection Leg Sleeve

We want to show you a protection leg sleeve for the trainer's legs. This model protects the leg from the bite of a dog. The leg protection is handmade and is made of high quality hypoallergenic materials - jute or nylcott, and is safe for your dog's health. The product is convenient, easy to wash, has a convenient handle inside to ensure the maximum comfort during the training and exercise. The cover for the protection leg ends with the band and you can put it on and take off fast.

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Dog Bite Sleeve for Dogs

Nylcott Sleeve for Leg Protection

Characteristics of the product:

  • Fabric - Nylcott
  • handle inside for an additional control
  • handy Velcro fastener
  • fits both for left and right leg

The bite sleeve with bite tug can be used for following trainings types:

  • protection of trainer's leg
  • training of young dogs
  • training of puppies
  • cover for the leg of dog trainer

Such leg sleeve with bite tug fits for:

  • a puppy
  • a young dog
  • an adult dog

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