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Simple Chrome-Plated Comb for Dogs

Simple Chrome-Plated Comb for Dogs. Long-haired dogs with dense coat are charming, aren't they? But caring owner understands that the keys to such a look are regular exercising, health care and grooming. What is one of the most effective ways to detect health problems of the dog when they just start? To know your dog's body well. Brushing will help you a lot. With the help of Simple Chrome-Plated Comb for Dogs you may look for fleas, ticks, mats, tangles, cuts and so on, because it has long teeth placed at a best distance to make brushing effective and easy. Moreover, this Dog Comb will be helpful in cleaning and styling of the pet's hair.

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Comb for Long-Haired Dogs

Metal Comb with Wooden Handle for Hairy Dogs

Main features of this Dog Comb:

  • chrome plated teeth resistant to rust and comfortably set
  • durable wooden handle
  • handy to brush undercoat
  • teeth, convenient to brush long dense coat
  • convenient to remove dirt, mats, to look for fleas and ticks

For what you can use this Metal Comb:

  • removing dirt, dead hair, mats and tangles
  • styling
  • pleasant brushing

Sizes of the Dog Brush:

  • height of the teeth - 3.5 cm (1 3/10)
  • total length - 14.5 cm (5 7/10 inch)
  • width of the teeth - 11 cm (4 3/10 inch)
  • distance between teeth - 2 mm


  • steel teeth
  • wooden handle

A comfortable durable handle assures that you will untangle the hair and remove mats and dirt almost effortless. The areas where the coat is the most dense are not a problem for you anymore, if you use this Extra Quality Metal Comb for Long-Haired Dogs. Help your pet to be radiant with health and joy, brushing him regularly!
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