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Dog Comb to Brush and Untangle Dog's Hair

Dog Comb for brushing and removing tangles and mats of the dog's fur. It is obvious that brushing is a basic health-care procedure your dog needs. How to determine what type of brush to use and how often your pooch should undergo grooming? It depends on the type of coat your dog has. Mostly, it is not enough to use only one type of brush to get rid of fleas, mats, tangles and dirt and to make the dog's fur look astonishing. Here is the Chrome-Plated Comb which can become one of your favorite tools for your pet's quality brushing. Do you want your pet's coat to be healthy, soft and shining? Then consider the advantages of this Metal Brush with wooden handle, which doesn't slip from the hand. Our Dog Comb is made of strong wood and chrome-plated metal. It will help you not only to brush your dog's undercoat, but also to prevent tangling and matting, detect coat's or skin problems and, as a result, to spend less time, energy and means solving them. For long-haired breeds you may need a comb with bigger distance between teeth (2 mm). If you want to check this model, please, click here.

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Dog Comb

Chrome-plated Comb to Untangle Dog's Coat

Key features of this Dog Brush:

  • very comfortable to hold and durable
  • simple in use
  • has wooden handle which doesn't slip away
  • chrome-plated rustproof teeth
  • appealing design
  • well though-out distance between teeth
  • perfect distance between teeth

Intended use of this Comb for Dogs:

  • dog coat grooming
  • untangling the dog hair

Sizes available:

  • weight - 84 gr (1/5 lbs)
  • diameter of the handle - 3.5 cm (1 2/5 inch)
  • width - 11 cm (4 1/3 inch)
  • length - 14,5 cm (6 inch)
  • the distance between the teeth is 2/5 lines (0,8 mm)


  • wooden handle
  • chrome-plated teeth

Grooming sessions should not be burdensome for a dog, so you can lengthen their time gradually to make the routine. To reward your dog for patience you can praise him and offer some treat. Remember that the dogs do not like to be brushed backwards, so you need to be attentive and brush in the direction the coat grows. When untangling or removing mats, be gentle, hold your pet's hair at the base of the mat in order not to damage his skin. Be especially delicate at the most sensitive zones. Besides, do not forget about the tail.

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by Nurcan Yigit, Denizli, Turkey
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Good day, Olga. I received the products only today due to a delay at the customs, but it was worth it. Indeed, everything is very beautiful and of high quality. Thank you very much for your support. The muzzle and leash were bought last year. Max has all the products from your company. With love, see you.

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