Dog Slow Down Bowl Bright Green Grass


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  • Model: KA16#1057 Piccola ciotola interattiva giocattolo per cani
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Slow Down Dog Bowl

The Slow Down Dog Bowl for your fast eater - we've got something new to suggest you! It is produced from hard plastic without harmful phthalates. Because of its bright green color, this bowl looks like green grass. The bowl is not only rather original but also very functional. It helps to slow down your dog's eating process. Usually dogs eat more food than needed because the feeling of being full comes later. Such nutrition is injurious to dog's health, because it provokes indigestion and obesity. It's possible to fight this problem by dosing food correctly, and our interactive dog bowl will help you to do that. Looking for tidbits in the 'grass', your pet will saturate himself gradually. Good nutrition by little portions reduce puppies' stomach upset risk. Fits for all the medium and large dogs of all breeds; you can pour the dry food as well as water (about 0,4 liters). The bowl can be used outdoors, you can wash it in the dishwasher. While having dinner, your pet will hunt his food with his nose and paws.

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Dog Feeder

Dog Bowls - Best Interactive Slow Down Feeder

Key features of this Dog Bowl:

  • material - plastic
  • dimensions - 40cm * 29cm * 11cm
  • weight - 400 gr

Intended use of this Dog Bowl:

  • feeding the dog
  • distributing water for dog
  • slowing down eating process of fullbodied dogs
  • motivating pups' correct nutrition

Available colors:

  • green

Important to know:

Please, do not use this feeder model if your dog has sensitive gingiva or oral cavity diseases;

The feeder is made from solid plastic friendly for dog's health;

Is easily washed even in the dish washer;

Improves dog's digestion;

Is absolutely convenient for pups;

If your dog likes biting feeders, do not leave him without control.

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Dog Feeder

Dog Feeder for Medium and Small Dogs

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Slow Dinner - Healthy Dog

How the Bowl Works

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