Treat Dispenser for Big Dogs "Fancy Wheel"❂

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  • Model: TT43#1057 Il giocattolo grande da masticare per cane
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Strong Special Rubber Dog Toy for Yummy Treat Dispensing

Why do dogs like so much to play with balls? They are moving all the time, giving the dog an opportunity to "chase" them for very long! The same does our Wheel-like Super Toy, which combines the functions of treat dispenser and a funny dog toy. This Wheeler with grooves is made of indestructible rubber material, that does not contain phthalates, latex or vinyl. Why is this Strong Yum-Yum Toy for Dogs so great? Eating becomes a mental and physical challenge for a dog, it doesn't just consume treats or kibble, but also plays with them thanks to a special form of the treat holder. A dog does not have time for boredom behaviours or anxiety - it is too much involved into the game!
Besides, this wonderful toy for big powerful chewers contributes to healthy teeth and gums of your dog, making massage with its ridges. The question may arise: How to use this treat dispenser properly? It is very easy - you have to moisten the edge of the treat, inset it at an angle and push down inside the toy. You'd better dry it out before your pet starts to play with it. Don't allow your four-legged friend to be bored - entertain him with this Yum-Yum Super Toy!

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Dog Treat Dispenser

Extra Solid Wheeler Treat Dispenser

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Toy for Dog Feeding

Entertain Your Doggy with Wheel-like Food Dispenser

The wheeler goes together with only one treat in it. In case you need more treats, visit this page: Large Chewing Treat for Strong Insistent Dogs. Want to use small treats together with big ones? Do not hesitate to find them here: Small Delicacies for Healthy Dogs.

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Dog Toy for Chewing

Improve Your Dog Hygiene with This Super Solid Dog Toy!

Key features of this Dog Chew Toy:

  • can contain kibble and treats of different size
  • made of solid unbreakable rubber material
  • washable in dishwasher
  • non-toxic
  • quiet on the floor
  • exclusive look

Intended use of this Dog Toy:

  • preventing dog's anxiety and boredom
  • challenging games
  • intermittent or supplemental feeding
  • hard chewing
  • improving dental hygiene
  • rewarding your pet

Sizes available of Challenging Treat Dispenser:

  • large size - 7 x 14,5 cm (2 4/5 x 5 4/5 inches)
  • weight - 480 g (1 lbs)

Available colors:

  • black

Please, pay attention that here you've got information about big treat dispenser for strong large-sized dogs, such as Great Dane, French Mastiff, Mastino Napoletano.
If your dog is a bit smaller (Bulldog, German Shepherd, Doberman, Cane Corso) or really small (Pug, Boston Terrier, Manchester Terrier ), but it also likes challenging games, offer him a product listed here:
Dog Mental Stimulation Toy Medium Size
Interactive Treat Dog Toy for Small Chewers

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