"Fruit" Dog Toy with "Stone" - Big Dog Treat Dispenser

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"Apricot" Treat Dispenser for Big Dogs with "Apricot stone"

Our pets really need our loving care and understanding, because, being just a part of our life, they consider us as a whole meaning of theirs. Wherever you go and whatever you do, all the thoughts of your furry friend are focused on you. Of course it is something heart-warming, but we still want our doggy to be busy with something else but ourselves. What to do?

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Large Foam Treat Dispenser

Durable Foam Treat Dispenser for Big Dogs

What to do? Challenge him with our new dog toy containing a delectable treat - and for some time he will switch his focus from you to this particularly enticing dog treat dispensing toy. This "Apricot" Dog Toy is durable and absolutely inoffensive for the animal, because it is made of quality foam which contains no phthalates, latex or vinyl, so do not worry that the toy can lead to allergies.Want to care more about your dog's dental hygiene? No problem! This treat dispenser for big dogs has a dotted surface which serves the intended purpose by making gentle massage of your dog's gums.

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Toy with Treats for Big Dog Breeds

Please Your Big-sized Dog with This Foam "Apricot"!

Key points about Interactive Treat Dispenser with "Apricot stone" treat:

  • inoffensive for dog's health
  • foam material especially durable
  • no latex, phthalates and vinyl
  • soundless on the floor

Use of Big Dotted Treat Dispenser:

  • alleviates dog's anxiety and boredom
  • interactive game
  • improving dental hygiene
  • pet rewarding
  • intermittent or supplemental feeding

Sizes available of "Apricot" Dog Toy:

  • weight -265 gr (9.3 oz)
  • 11x6 cm (4 2/5 x 2 2/5 inches)
  • large size


  • orange (may vary)

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Dog Toy for Gum Massage

Make the Best Use of Your Time with Our Orange Treat Dispenser!

Moreover, our Apricot Dog Toy with an "Apricot stone" inside it alleviates boredom and prevents bad behaviors. A savory treat or kibble put inside the toy will make your dog work licking, chewing or biting it, as well as get rid of bloating and food gulping. Wash the toy in the dishwasher, put the new treats inside and enjoy your freedom without hurting your four-pawed friend sensible heart!

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Large Dog Breeds Treat Dispensing Toy

Forget About Dog Boredom and Anxiety with This Magic Treat Dog Toy!

Please pay your attention that this is a toy for a big strong dog. Treat dispensers for medium sized dogs as Malamute, Pitbull, Siberian Husky, Doberman, and others, or for small-sized pets as Boston Terrier, Pug, Manchester Terrier are described at the corresponding pages.

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