Top-Matic Profi-Set Standart Magnet Balls


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Dog Training Balls Profi-Set Standart Top-Matic

After you've got to know about dog training systems Top-Matic you may probably want to get your dog several balls and clips to train with maximum effect ... Which balls to choose? We suggest you to choose among the Top-Matic sets of balls, for example combination of Fun-Ball, Technic Ball and a Multi-Power magnetic clip. The Fun-Ball is a dog toy on a rope, made to encourage the dog with command according to the Scherk & Knoche training system, which supports the dog's drive with the help of tug of war game. The ball has diameter of 6.8 cm and is comfortable to hold both in the hand and in the dog's mouth. This orange-colored dog ball can hang on your clothing wherever you put it, and serve as an ideal motivation and reward for dog at the same time.

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Magnetic Balls Set Top-Matic

Dog Training Toya Set: Fun Ball and Technic Ball

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Top-Matic Magnetic Balls: Safe and Fun

Train Your Dog Effectively with This Ball Set!

Another component of this Top-Matic set is a Top-Matic Technic Ball - the one without rope for exact dog reward by the hand as in Skogster training system. This orange-colored dog toy has the same diameter as Fun-Ball - 6.8 cm, and can be attached to any trainer's clothes. You may use the ball not only as a center of dog's focus in heeling, but also to reward the dog right away. Technic magnet ball can be used to encourage the dog with the command as in training system Scherk & Knoche.

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Bite-resistant Top-Matic Balls

Top-Matic Balls with Inner Magnets and Magnetic Clips

Key features of this Top-Matic Profi-Set for dog training:

  • two balls and one magnet clip
  • one ball on rope and one ball without
  • bright color of balls
  • grip-resistant material
  • tearproof rope
  • good for dogs of various breeds
  • balls with magnets

Intended use of this Magnetic Dog Balls set Top-Matic:

  • dog training
  • keeping the dog focused
  • dog reward
  • dog self-reward
  • various dog games including tug of war game

Sizes available:

  • both balls diameter 6.8 cm

Available colors:

  • both balls are orange

Of course, a "primary member" of the set is a magnet clip - Top-Matic Multi Power - consisting of two parts. A magnet with a handle is always located inside the garment. Multi Power clip is used with ordinary clothes, such as t-shirts, sweaters, etc. Thanks to this amazing magnet system you don't need to buy extra clothing - for example the ones specially created for training with balls. Besides, the positions of Top-Matic balls are absolutely unlimited, their quantity depends on how many clips an balls you want to use and where you want to put them. Use this Orang Top-Matic magnet Set to train, to heel, to motivate and to reward your dog with much fun and joy!

The magnet inside the ball is very strong, it is not recommended to put it near the electric instruments and other objects that can undergo the magnetic field of the magnets.
Magnets for clothes are strong enough, so we recommend you to be very careful when assembling and dissociating them so as not to be traumatized! We do not recommend placing them near electrical instruments and other objects that may be subject to the magnetic field of the magnets.

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