"Blue Dream" Toy for Big Dog ☀

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  • Model: TT40#1057 Giocattolo-snack grande per cane
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Large Round Toy with Treat for Big Dogs

Your four-legged friend is so big and robust that no toy can withstand its grip? The small but hot heart of your big friend needs a lot of your love and attention? Well, it is not so easy to break this heart and to leave...So, just busy him with our Large Round Toy with Treat - it will take all his spare time and give you more of yours! Your strong chewer CAN be happy even when you are far away, if his brain and jaws work hard. To fish out a tasty treat from this blue treat holder, your dog needs to apply much effort, but the reward will surpass all his expectations! Make playing with the toy an interactive game for your pet, which lasts very long!

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Rubber Treat Toy for Big Dogs

"Blue Dog Dream" Food Dispenser

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Dog Treats and Kibble Holder

Improve Your Big Dog Hygiene with This Large Dog Toy

This Roller Ball for Big Dogs is made of super strong rubber material, thanks to special protectors it holds reliably two treats from both sides, so we really can call it everlasting! You can put not only big treats, but also small kibble, which you can find here. If you also have a small or medium dog and you wouldn't like to prevent him of this pleasure of challenging game, order Dog Toy for Medium Dog or Dog Toy for Small Dog.

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Large Chewing Toy

Your Strong Friend Will Enjoy This Dog Toy!

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Everlasting Treat Dog Toy

Let Your Big Dog Play Interactive Games with Toy by Starmark

Key features of this Blue Dream Toy:

  • material is non-toxic and grip-resistant
  • holds two big treats and small kibble
  • soundless on the floor
  • dishwashable
  • helps in dental hygiene
  • reduces dog's anxiety and bad behaviours

Intended use of this Big Dog Toy:

  • intermittent or supplemental feeding
  • provides physical and mental development for the dog along with pleasure and fun
  • strong chewing
  • dog challenge and reward at the same time

Sizes available of Rubber Toy for Kibble:

  • size - 10.5 x 12.5 cm (4 1/10" x 5")
  • weight - 555 gr (1 1/5 lbs)

Available colors:

  • Blue

Here we've placed details about big treat dispenser for strong big dogs, such as Great Dane, French Mastiff, Mastino Napoletano.
In case you have a medium dog - Bulldog, German Shepherd, Doberman, Cane Corso, or a small pet - Pug, Boston Terrier, Manchester Terrier, and you'd like to get such a toy for them, pay your attention to: "Life is Fun" Super Durable Dog Toy for medium dog breeds and "Happy Dog" Newest Dog Treat Dispenser for small dogs.

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