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Dear customers, our ultimate friends!
Each of you is unique, as well as each of the pets we craft the supplies for. With no doubt, you appreciate your time, high quality of production and fast service. We, in turn, appreciate our customers.

That's why the work of ForDogTrainers company is based on the following principles:

1. Personal attention to each customer

2. Care about comfort and safety of your pets

3. Excellent production, its quality confirmed by numerous customers

4. High level of professionalism

5. Fast service

6. Cooperation and constant improvement in accord with our customers' suggestions

Since 1998, our company is known all over the globe. We work with recognized experts in cynology, professional trainers and veterinarians. We cooperate with defense and law enforcement agencies, the police and the army all over the world; we also work with wholesale buyers of our products. Moreover, our company offers discounts for regular and long-term cooperation. Over 35 specialists in our company have combined their experience and knowledge to create top-notch equipment for your pet. Each article is thoroughly tested before it comes into your hands.
If you are on our website for the first time and wish to receive a consultation or advice from a professional - send us an email or contact us on FACEBOOK. Our managers will answer all your questions and help you make a choice.

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