Training a Dog for Attack: Counsel from Michale McCann

 Attack Training with Professional Bite Equipment

Training Bite Sleeve Schutzhund
Seize with teeth, transfer, attack, attack with a rubber stick. Initially, a dog is kept on a leash. A trainer puts on a soft protection sleeve. The first stage, or seize with teeth is accomplished when the trainer is dressed in a protective suit. The purpose of the exercise is to make the dog grab the sleeve fully. At this stage, the main role is played by trainer, bearing the full responsibility for successes and failures.
When the dog grabs the sleeve, the trainer stretches his left hand forward in order to ensure support for the animal. Here a so-called transfer starts. The trainer pulls the dog making sure that the dog does not release the sleeve. The owner or the handler moves next to the dog and encourages it, trying to keep the dog on a long leash to provide it with maximum freedom of movement. If the dog shows good fighting qualities, after a few sessions training with a hard sleeve starts, consisting in the same exercises. Schutzhund Training Bite
The main thing is to hold the sleeve in a correct position, necessarily horizontally - not too low and not too high, approximately at the height of the hips. If the trainer is right-hander, the sleeve is worn on the left arm. In this case, at the moment of an encounter with the dog, the person should pull his left arm back so that the dog does not strike against it and does not hurt itself. The right arm should be stretched to the right side in order to maintain balance.
After a few sessions the owner eases off the leash, providing complete freedom for the dog. At the same time he himself is always by its side. Each session always ends with the dog seizing the sleeve completely and receiving praise and encouragement from its owner. The next step, namely the struggle, also depends entirely on the skills of the trainer, who should move the sleeve up and down, at first very slowly and gently, then more strongly.
The rate and nature of movement are selected depending of the character and fighting spirit of the dog. Finally, the turn of exercises with rubber stick or whip comes, with which the trainer hits the dog during the fight. The trainer should be able to choose the most opportune moment for the first stroke, so that the dog would not release the object, not panic or slow down.
Stick stroke is applied at the moment when the dog teeth are gripping firmly the sleeve and the animal shows a clear willingness to fight. Stabbing, the trainer must not stand aside, but should continue fighting in order to strengthen a militant response of the dog. Only in a few moments can he give it the sleeve. If after hitting the dog releases the object, one should return to the pulling stage of training, or even to the seize with teeth. At the same time, however, the trainer should not relinquish the whip so that the dog gets used to it.  Protective
        Sleeve for Doberman Training
It is however necessary to remember that the dogs with good quenching simply ignores the stick strokes. Moreover, strokes move them to grip the sleeve even more firmly. Therefore, if after a stroke the dog weakens the pressure, or releases the sleeve completely, it is almost always the trainer who is to blame, for he chose the wrong moment to strike.



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