Views on Retractable Dog Leash and Common Dog Lead

Retractable dog leash or common dog leash are the main items of dog equipment, they are usually among the first to purchase; any dog of any age, breed, size and life style can hardly do without them. But what kind of leash is better? - Let's listen to the viewpoints of dog owners.

Opinion 1. For a retractable leash

- I use a retractable leash. That is true it has limitations, for example it is harder to control the dog with such a leash. Why then did I choose a retractable leash? Sometimes it may seem that it is not I who walk the dog, but the dog walks me. But I do not feel uncomfortable. The dog wants to sniff everything, its goal is to sniff and run to satisfaction, and, at the end, to do what is needed. So the retractable leash is exactly what we need. Retractable Leash for Dog
My first retractable leash was 7 meters long. But with time that of 5 meters length was enough. I usually choose the leash Flexi for small and medium dogs. One should get used both to a retractable leash and a common leash. At first, you may feel uncomfortable, especially when, suddenly, you need to pull the dog closer to you.
There are two types of retractable leash – a tape and a cord. The cordhas a serious danger – if the dog run abruptly and the cord touched somebody's palm or legs, it can hurt strongly. That is why one should never grasp the cord by hands. But, nevertheless, I always buy only cords. For two years I had hurt neither myself nor my dog. Besides, I've never had knots. I like when there is a short tape leash at the beginning of the cord – it's useful when you have to keep the dog more strictly. The tape is less traumatic, but it constantly gets tangled and dirty. When it is windy, the tape leash follows the wind.  Dog Leash Flexi Retractable
I have the third cord retractable leash for two years. The first one was eaten by my dog – I've tighten my doggy to the tree, and sat three meters far from her, so she could not stand and had bitten the leash through. The second one was broken over the tree. The third one is still alive now, but the summer is yet to come. The most important - do not buy cheep leashes, not original and thus, of very low quality.

Opinion 2. For a common leash.

- I choose a common dog leash. It is absolutely impossible to guide the dog with the help of retractable leash. Controlling the dog is also very difficult: while walking you should constantly keep the finger on a lock button in order to catch the right moment to lock or to unlock (and it can occur at any moment with an active dog!). The cord gets tangled in the bushes in a trice. As to playing with dogs — it is very inconvenient while the dog is on a retractable leash, and very dangerous when it is a cord leash. Frankly, when people are walking with dogs on retractable leashes in the dark, you constantly hear loud sound of clicks and squicking of the retractable leashes unreeling. You are always alert awaiting to have your legs amputated.
Leash for Dog Show High Quality
You never face all these problems with a common dog leash. Firstly, it is enough to have a 2,5 — 3-meters leash to give the dog the freedom needed, to step aside, to grasp the lead and to fold it in order to have the dog on a short leash (of course, you need to learn how to do it). You can hold the leash with two hands, so even if   the dog suddenly runs aside and pulls hard you can always seize the slipping end of the leash with another hand. It is easy to change the speed of dog's movement by regulating the leash tension, even an inevitable jerk at a sudden stop is mitigated due to the natural amortization of your hand. With enough experience acceleration, deceleration, change of direction is riched with the slight movement of the finger. Secondly, you can loosen or even throw the leash on the ground, because it will not hurt the dog, and then to catch it again easily. But just try to throw a retractable Brown Dog Leash with Braid leash! How many puppies were frightened, so to say, to death, by a clattering THING beating the legs! A dirty leash is cleansed much easier then a cord or tape retractable leash (I wonder whether a tape retractable leash be cleansed at all?) After all, when we at last release the dog, a common leash does not bother us — it is lightweight, we can put it on the shoulder or use as a waist. Because of the homing though, a retractable leash should be always kept in hands. In general, a common leather or nylon dog leash is more durable than a retractable one. If we do not mention a snap hook — the weak point of both retractable and common leash, the latter can hardly be spoiled, but the retractable one can be spoiled even at several places. As to the cost of these two kinds of dog supply, we can not even compare them. So...frankly, I do not even understand why so many of dog owners do walk their dogs on retractable leash?

We've tried to present you advantages and disadvantages of the common dog leash and a retractable one. Which one will YOU choose?

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