Tenderly Love Between Dogs and Humans - Scientific Proof

Why do many view dogs as their children?

When I look into the trusting eyes of my dog, I just melt. How can this little creature give so much joy, love and happiness? After all, even the craziest dog lover understands that this is not her child, and there is not a single drop of human DNA in it. Cute White Dog

But recently I found out why the dog's eyes cause such emotions in people. And, incidentally, it has been proven by science! Recently, the Science journal published a study revealing the reason why dog owners love their four-legged pets. It turns out that everything is about hormone called oxytocin, also known as the "love hormone". Cute Pomeranians

Japanese scientists have found that when we look into the eyes of a dog, and the dog looks into ours, oxytocin is produced within both. This is very similar to the reaction in communication "parent-child". In addition, the study proved that the wolves do not have oxytocin release.

Here is what Takefumi Kikusu, the Japanese scientist from the University of Azabu says:

"It is possible that the dogs have smartly and unwittingly "stolen" the biological mechanism giving rise bond between parent and child".Black French Bulldog

So what should you do when your puppy will again look into your eyes? Just feel the surge of joy and know - this is love!
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