Why Walk the Dog Regularly?

Why does a dog need to go for walks? You may think the answer is obvious: the dogs living in apartments are accustomed to defecate in the open air. But is this the only reason for a walk?

German Shepherd on a Walk

Dogs need to move
At that the quantity and quality of this activity depend on the breed of the pet, its age and conditioning.

Before you get a dog, it is good to think about how much time you can devote to your pet, in particular - to walks with it.

Knowing what is the historical purpose of a particular breed, it is good to think what duration and nature of walks it will need for well-being and complete development. To make it clearer, let us consider a few examples.

Golden Retriever is a vigorous and robust dog, bred to find and bring shut game. It has a great instinct and memory, which allows it to do its job well on the ground, as well as in water. This means that an adult Golden will be pleased in long leisurely walks on rough terrain. And if he comes across a clean pound on the way, where he can swim, the Retriever's happiness will be boundless. (See products for Golden Retriever) Active Dogs - Golden Retriever

Beagle is a hound, and that's it. Active, mobile, devoted dog. On the walks, beagle is constantly busy with searching for traces, burning with the desire to follow any of them, forgetting everything. Are you ready for active long walks? Then it is the dog for you. (Read the article about retractable leash, often used for Beagles).
Beagle Hound Dog

Yorkshire Terrier is a tiny dog, but it does not prevent him from saving all the qualities of terriers: courage, curiosity, activity. York loves outdoor games and is fond of "hunting" birds and mice. You need a great companion for walks, filled with common games? Yorkshire Terrier will be happy to accompany you.


It is clear that the load suitable for adult dogs will not be acceptable for a little puppy or an older dog. You do not have to walk long with a puppy - start from 10-15 minutes. The duration of walking should be increased gradually. Calm walks partly on a leash, games with peers - that is what is necessary for your baby. (You may read the article Effective Puppy Training)

For the older dog slow walks will be beneficial, after which it will not tire, but will feel well in shape.

Physical form

The load that the dog gets during a walk should fit the animal. In addition, you should alternate periods of active exercise and rest. Remember that intense long walks on a full stomach are strictly prohibited for dogs of any age!

Dogs need to know the world

Of course, you pay attention to the fact that, during the walk, the animal explores the area with interest. This is not surprising: the dogs have excellent intuition and developed memory. The study of the world is just as important for the harmonious development of your pet, as balanced physical activity. It is therefore important not only to take a walk on the roads known for a long time, but also to make regular changes of the usual route.

This will allow your pet to develop intelligence, and in addition, if the dog is lost, it will be easier for him to find his way home. It is of utmost importance for a dog to communicate with his owner, so it is excellent to have common exercises, including those during a walk.

The greatest joy for a dog is to be useful. The more "business" and "developing" games you provide, such as finding and bringing the hidden thing, or keeping your newspaper during a walk - the better it is. This can be a common game with a favorite object (ball, apportable object, something else), the repetition of familiar commands and learning new ones.
Running with Bulldog
By the way, it would be good to have a dog toy to play only at walks with you - it will add interest. Dog and his owner form a team. Do not forget that, acquiring a pet, you first get a friend for mutual time-spending.

The dog should get acquainted with representatives of the speсies

It is important for the urban animal to contact with other dogs. This is important for proper socialization of the dog: formation of his behavior, education, communication with other people and animals, communication skills improvement, ability to play and "talk" in the language of the body with other dogs.

However, friends for your pet should be selected carefully enough. It is undesirable to contact with dogs, mentally unbalanced, aggressive, having pronounced bad habits. Games with dogs, markedly superior to yours in weight can be dangerous.
Dogs Associating

The important point!
Learn to enjoy the time spent with your four-legged friend, away from the stresses and challenges of the Internet. Walking the dog is not a heavy duty, and you can spend time for the benefit of both yours and his. No wonder the proverb says: "The gods do not count the lifetime spent with the dog."

And a nice bonus - a dog getting enough load on a walk has much less desire and effort to "restore order" in an apartment in your absence. Have a nice walk!

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Dogs Exercising

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