Some Dog Psycho Basics

Basics of Psychology in Dogs' Education

Dogs requesting attention. Dogs often try to get the person's attention and sympathy. Animals endowed with the highest intellect and initiative qualities quickly understand how to get it, but sometimes they can show excess of zeal. Many dogs draw our attention and love to them through loud and persistent barking, others - jumping and climbing with their legs, biting the collar, stealing various items, showing stereotyped behavior such as chasing their tail or behaving aggressively. Shih Tzu

It would be advisable to recognize tricks you, in fact, are promoting, often without even realizing it. For example, a dog may bark every time you talk on the phone. You often simply ignore such behavior, perhaps only occasionally shouting at your pet, but it only supports and enhances its barking. The dog continues to do so until it reaches its goal – the call is stopped. Understanding the principles of the dog's behavior helps to adjust it.

Every dog should know and obey basic commands - "Sit!" "Down!" "Stop!" And "Leave it!".

Exercising and learning new orders are of great importance. In cases when the dog wants to get what it wants from you - affection, attention, food or toys, first order it to sit, and only after this command has been executed give the dog the things wanted. This will help your pet to learn emotional restraint in the presence of a man. Malinois Command Heel

Controlling the dog with the help of a collar

Dogs who like jumping, running and playing, who do not respond to the owner's calls, should be kept by the collar whenever such behavior can be foreseen or predicted. This is much better than to keep the dog after that undesirable behavior has already begun.
For example, if your dog likes jumping to the guests, take it by the collar before you open the door, In order to control and correct dog's behavior in case of need.

Encourage your dog

Dogs that require too much attention, often simply do not have enough physical and emotional stimulation. Such animals would need attention in small portions, but as often as possible during the day. Easily washed nylon dog collar for active Doberman

In addition, the dog should be accustomed to specific signals of ignoring (for example, you turn your back to the dog, do not look it in the eye, do not touch it, do not talk, etc.). The owner must be the one who starts and ends any contact with his pet.

Reward the dog!

Dog training is much faster if the "good" behavior is encouraged by some reward, and the "bad" one is ignored. If you can not solve the problem with an animal on your own, ask your veterinarian for advice or refer to animal psychologist, especially in cases when the animal shows aggression.Start Training Saint Bernard

With understanding, patience and love you will quickly teach your dog proper behavior and reduce its dependence on you.

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