Solution for Dog Behavioral Problems: Pica

Pica Behaviour: Eating Stones

 Some owners become desperate at the sight of their pets eating stones. This habit is dangerous for the organism of the dog. Stones are not digested, they damage the animal's teeth and soft tissues of the mouth, stomach and intestines.
In addition, the dog can choke itself and suffocate.

Why do dogs eat stones?

This behavior is called perverted appetite. The reasons can be different. Most often a deficiency of certain nutrients, such as iron. Problems with gastrointestinal tract can also provoke unhealthy "appetite", for example the heartburn, which the dog is trying to calm eating stones.

Another reason may be a variety of diseases such as diabetes. To accurately diagnose the health of the dog, contact your veterinarian and make a complete examination of the whole body. Another reason of eating stones can be a bloc of behavioral problems. For example, in this way, a lonely dog might just attract attention of the owner. And it does not matter whether this attention is positive or negative.
Or may be the dog just occasionally wants something to chew, especially puppies with cutting teeth.

How to deal with such a habit and what the owner should do?

Scolding the dog in this situation is meaningless. If the reason for such a behavior is to get attention of the owner, reprimanding the animal will be that very expected reward. And it will continue to selflessly do it waiting to be talked to.
When the dog is caught right on the "crime scene" you can scare it with water gun or a loud noise. But the dog should not see who does it.

Bored dog needs to be walked more often, to be carried out of the city, to be played with. If your puppy is teething, and it needs something to chew, always keep several chewing toys. They should be replaced periodically and hidden from time to time, in order to provide some new toys for the baby, for him not be distracted by extraneous objects. Make some changes in the diet of the animal - check whether all substances are well balanced. The diet rich in cellulose will fit well. However, to change the diet you should consult a veterinarian. There are also medications to help with the pica. Until this problem is solved, it is necessary to closely monitor the dog, not letting it go out of sight. Better do not let it off the leash, and remove all stones and other harmful objects that the dog can swallow at the place where you usually walk.

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