Teaching the Dog New Basic Obedience Commands: Drop It

Teach Your Dog A Command "Drop It"!

How to teach your puppy a command "Drop it!" so that he gladly gives you things as soon as you pronounce this command? Do not think that the ability of the dog to give a thing on the orders of the owner is a useless skill. Very often you will use it to pick up apportable objects from  the dog, and fetching, in turn, will help you even to walk your dog better. The command "Drop it!" is also needed for those who in the future hopes to give the dog a policy of protection training. Command Drop It in Training

How to teach your puppy or dog the command "Drop it!"
A puppy can learn the command "Drop it!" at any age, even from one month age. Just exchange a toy for some treat while playing, giving the command "Drop it!" before you give a treat.
The pet will certainly release the toy and eat a treat. Be sure to praise the animal: "Drop, drop it, well done!" Then, in 10 seconds, continue the game and, after 2-3 minutes, again say "Drop it".  Do it from time to time when playing. Just do not overdo it, it is enough 5-7 commands during a day or an activity. It is better to train other necessary commands after you learned how to train a dog.Dog Basic Commands
In addition to sharing a treat, you can simply give the command "Drop it!", then gently release the jaws of the animal and pick up the object. It  is also possible to pinch a fold of the behind leg close to the belly. These are rude methods and it is better to teach your dog with a treat. Later, when the pet learns this command, it may still be useful to unclench jaws and pick up the object. Of course, you should
commend the dog for giving you an object.

It is the same with an adult dog. Just incite it to play, and during the game take the toy away, exchanging for a treat. Then continue after a short time to continue. When you decide to finish the game, just give the dog a toy, do not take it away. Otherwise, the dog may be reluctant to give the object, because he will associate it with the end game. But if there is a need, then you can take away the object with the command "Drop it" (with praise and a treat), and then do other things.
Once the dog performs well “Drop it!” after one command, no need to play with it to pick up an object. You have just to say "Drop it!" and take the thing away. The dog will be pleased to obtain at l
east a master's praise and affection in return. By the way, be sure to read how to teach a command “Fetch!”.


Husky Basic Obedience Training
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