What is IPO or Schutzhund?

What is the IPO Test Made for?

An ideal dog in our understanding has certain quality characteristics, such as, for example, obedience, ability to track, courage and ability to resist an adversary, etc. These characteristics are the result of not only education and training, but also have a genetic basis and dependent on the qualities of the dog's ancestors. A-Frame for Dog Championship Training

IPO is a standard test, which is designed to identify and test the qualities necessary for a successful working dog. A dog can participate in IPO as a member of one of several groups depending on its age: 18, 19, 20 months or older. IPO includes three sections: tracking work (A), obedience section (B) and protection section (C). This standard test answers to a question, whether the dog is suitable for further use. Dogs which honestly pass the IPO may be further prepared for a particular service discipline. This can be compared to the test for a person fit for military service.
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The IPO regulations include following the track and identifying articles, heeling on the leash and off, walking sit, walking down, recall, retrieving. IPO protection includes such activities as finding the decoy, guarding him, pursuing and transporting the decoy to the judge.  Blind for IPO Training

So, what kind of dog qualities are tested in IPO three sections? In all the three sections these are, in the first place, the desire to work and obedience. The desire to work is expressed in the dog's aspiration for vigorous activity, and manageability is expressed in submission and realization of handler's orders.
The tracking work makes evident:
• Natural instincts of the dog
• Ability to concentrate for a long time under the influence of various environmental factors
• Stability of the dog's wish to go on the trail

Obedience section reveals how manifest are the following qualities:
• Level of continuous desire to work
• Ability to withstand physical and psychological stress
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Protective section tests such qualitative characteristics as:
• Desire to fight
• Courage and boldness
• Stamina and ability to stand pressure and load
Particular attention in protection part is given to a grip. The very quality of the grip gives an indication of the dog's nervous system balance. Only a dog with strong nerves can show a complete, strong and calm grip, as required by the specification.
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