Some Points on Canistherapy

 Canistherapy - Effective Treatment with the Help of Dogs

The beginnings of Canistherapy appeared in the XVIII century, psychiatrists of that time used the dogs for psychological adaptation of the patient. Doctors noticed that people with psychological trauma or injury are much easier to start communication with the creature that has no idea about mental and physical disabilities. Through communication with the dogs these patients opened up, became happier and adapted to society more quicklyNylon Harness for German Shepherd
Later in the XX century, the program has been designed to work with dogs, including such techniques as:
- Therapy using dogs;
- Psychological rehabilitation;
- Human Socialization with with the help of games with a dog;
- Preventive sport exercises. Rottweiler with Small Child

How is Canistherapy Treatment Done
To begin with the child is talked about the dog, shown the photos and movies about it, and then for the child learns to communicate with the dog for a while, using a toy. The next step is to show the animal at a distance, an acquaintance, a story about his habits and character. It is very important for a person to build trust in dog, and only then exercises begin.
The most frequent diagnoses, which are cured with a dog:

increased anxiety;
cerebral palsy;
In bronchial asthma and epilepsy, the dog feels an attack coming and tries to soften a patient falling and an attack itself. Children Playing with Rottweiler 

What breeds are suitable for treatment using Canistherapy.
Whether a dog will be a good doctor depends more not on the breed, but on the nature of the particular individual. There are certain tests that are passed by dogs before training, which determine such factors as:
Article on Canistherapy Amount of aggression;
Article on Canistherapy Obedience;
Article on Canistherapy Self-control in a stressful situation and an unfamiliar environment;
Article on Canistherapy Patience;
Article on Canistherapy Socialization;
Also, preference is given to Article on Canistherapy dogs with a light coat as patients are drawn to them more.

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It noted during the long-term work that: Cute Bulldogs & Their Owners
Articles on Dog Use Miniature Pinscher help to cope with coordination disorders;
Articles on Dog Use Cocker - Spaniels help to develop motor skills of hands, which is responsible for human speech;
Articles on Dog Use Golden Retriever makes people more open and trusting;
Articles on Dog Use Sled dogs are good for people with psychological problems;
Articles on Dog Use Sheepdogs help to restore the musculoskeletal system;
Articles on Dog Use Shelties help to get rid of various types of phobias.

Dog breeds that are not desirable for use in Canistherapy
This group includes breeds of fighting dogs and small dog breeds, due to the fact that they have an unstable psyche.

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