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Our Online boutique Fordogtrainers cares not only about well-being of the dog owners and their pets, producing premium quality designer dog training gear, but also contributes to the store of knowledge of the visitors. We've prepared quite a number of informative articles which can be interesting both for professionals and beginners.
Here you can find the links and short description of each of them. Enjoy your reading and elevate your mind!

To start with you would probably like to get some general knowledge: what dog training supplies are chosen by professionals and amateurs. The articles Top 10 Products for Dog Amateurs and Best Sellers Ten Top in Dog Market for Professionals will help you. The article Dog Training Equipment - How Much Does It Cost? read before you get a dog will give approximate information about your future expenses if you want your pet to be well-behaving and obedient. 

You just started to teach your puppy? Read about Effective Puppy Training and start to teach him dog commands:

Simple Dog Commands Teaching Dogs Command Down Dogs' Education: Fetching Life-saving Command for Dogs
Training a Dog Commands: Stand Teaching the Dog New Basic Obedience Commands: Drop It

If your puppy is German Shepherd, here is information for you:
Proper Care for German Shepherd Puppy. 

You are fond of big dogs, such as Mastino Napoletano? Get some more information about it right here: The Best Guard Dogs: Mastino Napoletano. Bull Terrier and Pitbull attract you more? Here's information that is good to remind before getting a representative of this dog breed: Why do dogs show aggression?

You like psychology and want to know more about reasons for certain dog behaviours and solutions? The following articles will definitely open some new facts:

Aging Dogs Dogs Mimicry Benefits of Canistherapy
Aging Dogs: Do They Loose Their Abilities? Some Points on Canistherapy
Love Bond between Dogs and People Dog Behaviour: Pica Walking the Dog Daily
Solution for Dog Behavioural Problem: Pica
Why Walk the Dog Regularly?

In case you are a professional dog handler or trainer, here is some deeper information for you:

Effective Dog Traing Professional Dog Sport Contest Training a Dog for Attack Mantrailing with a Dog
Effective Dog Traing Mantrailing with a Dog
Dog Agility General Information Professional Dog Training: Attack What is IPO or Schutzhund?
Professional Dog Training: Attack
What is IPO or Schutzhund? 

You need some more details about dog products, such as dog collars, muzzles and leads?

What to Do in Order Not to Lose the Dog? Views on Retractable Dog Leash EU Dog Collars
Views on Retractable Dog Leash
EU Dog Collars 

Besides, you may be interested with some general information, such as:

How to Protect a Dog from the
Heat Modern Dog Fashion In a Hotel with a Dog
How to Protect a Dog from the Heat In a Hotel with a Dog 

With time, our on-line dog shop will fill up the bank of instructive articles on dog topics.

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