Teaching a Dog His Name

How to quickly teach a puppy its name?

How to accustom a puppy to its name already on the first day of training? Or how to teach a dog taken from a shelter or from someone its name? The most elementary in training is to teach the dog to respond to a new name. Whatever is your puppy's age, you can start teaching him the name in the very first day when he appears in the house. Teaching a Dog its Name
So, what is the purpose of teaching the name? Some believe that while hearing its name the dog should simply pay attention to the owner. However, this is not necessary in everyday life, so after the name is pronounced, the dog or puppy should approach the owner
What is needed for a pet to approach its owner? By the way, it should approach all the members of the family, that is, all members of the family should be engaged in bringing up a puppy and teaching it most necessary commands. Otherwise, how will they manage to control the dog? So let everyone take a piece of treat, and from time to time throughout the day (5-7 times or more) call the dog by its name and allure it with that very treat. As soon as it is suitable, give a treat, stroke the dog and say the name several times with a kind voicePups Learning Their Names
Also, call the animal by its name when it's time to eat. Put a bowl of food in the right place and call the dog's name. When it is eating, repeat its name several times and leave it alone, let him eat.
As you can see, everything is very simple. By the way, a puppy's favourite toy will help you as a supporting tool in training. Just hollo the puppy in with the toy, and, as soon as he runs up to you - name him by the name several times and play a little.
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