Don't be Afraid of Dogs!

When the Dog Runs to You, it is Better to ...

People are divided into several categories. Some just love the dogs, they are ready to cherish and care for them. At the same time, most of them are simply convinced that these animals are almost like people. Or even better than people. This kind of people more often address to a professional trainer with a complaint
about their pets. Because these tailed members of the family sometimes bite their loving owners.
What to Do When the Dog Attacks?The second category considers dogs as smart, still, animals.
For people of this kind, there are usually no such problems as how to raise and train an obedient pet. Of course, they also go to a specialist, but already knowing exactly why. Such dog breeders are easier to work with for the cynologist-trainer. 
The third group of people simply hate dogs, because they are afraid. And therefore sincerely believe that there is no place on Earth for such "creatures". These and other dog-hating people are usually bitten by different pets. The problem is that people who are afraid of dogs do not want to devote even a little time in order to learn more about animals. After all, understanding the dog's psychology, you can protect yourself and your children.
When Dogs Run to You
 Whom do dogs attack? Those who are afraid of them. For a well informed person, it's no secret that animals feel fear of the victim. If the creature is afraid, then,
firstly, it emits a specific smell, and secondly, it behaves appropriately. Dogs, especially stray ones, are good psychologists. Someone will say: "But, excuse me, if a huge dog is running towards me, what else should I feel?".
Of course, this is not an online shoe store for you, when you can just close the site, if you do not like it. This is a real situation, in which one must act, and quickly. So, if a dog is running towards you, it's not a fact that it is going to attack you. It is likely that behind your back there is another dog, a cat or even a crow. Most often, dogs aggressively behave towards other individuals. But people nearby are frightened, because they perceive dog barking as addressed to them. If the dog is running towards you, which is rare, stop. By no means should you run away. One more thing. The attacking animal, most often, wants to just play. Yes, do not grin - it is unlikely that it decided to eat you. Therefore, if the "victim" is running, the dog concludes that they agree to play with it. And, hurray!
Not to Be Afraid of Dogs
It runs for the fleeing.
Well, the last recommendation. When you have stopped, the dog has run up to you and behaves menacingly, or so it seems to you, do the following. Gather all your courage into a fist, and in a loud, raspy voice, shout something to the aggressor. Anything, the main is that the tone should be tough and menacing. It will work 99%! The dog will lower its tail and leave, deciding not to mess with you.
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