Mondioring 2018 in Russia

World Cup Mondioring 2018
According to one Mondioring training school Head and dog working qualities national category Judge, "Its obvious Mondioring combines in a unique way all sorts of activities assuring the dog can develop fully, because it includes elements of obedience, dexterity, protection". Probably that's right to say that any owner of a puppy of working breed sees his dog well-manageable, first of all, then - rather dexterous, capable of overcoming obstacles of all kinds, and, surely, able to become a stable protector and guard.
World Cup Mondioring 2018 Barrier
To compete successfully in Mondioring your pet needs all these abilities. Each program part out of the three in Mondioring Championship presumes a dog performing during 20-25 minutes. Accuracy, speed, concentration of the animal on the handler, temperament, desire of the dog participating to work in harmony with the handler in general - these are points of evaluation. In Mondioring, the program runs smoothly without interruptions, each part moving evenly from one to another. The struggle between the decoy and the dog is a breathtaking show, where each moving creature acts to the best of its experience and skills, strives in achieving the goal. The dog attempts to attack successfully, and decoy, to his turn, tries to deceive the animal and escape its attack.
From 3rd to 7th October this year, ForDogTrainers had an honor to be the main sponsor of the Mondioring World Championship, held in Russian Federation on Grand-Arena of MAXIMA STABLES club. "A fascinting, fair and absolutely worthy program of the World Championship with top figures promised an exciting dog sports festival" - here are the feelings our New World Champion Claus Angerer expressed. The performances were judged by the judges from the following countries: Finland, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, France an Italy.
Decoy Part Mondio 2018
Participants, thought, arrived from various countries of the world: Switzerland, Romania, Israel, Belgium, United States, Spain, Italy, France, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece and Austria have sent their brilliant contestants at the World Cup. Madalin Dragan, one of the WC participants and the second place winner of International Decoys selection, shares: "We enjoyed every moment and I was proud of my dog anyway. Judges made a nice and pretty hard programme, the decoys worked on a high level, the field and the arena of competition were beautiful".

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As to the ForDogTrainers team, we congratulate all those who took part and wish them further success! Hope to meet you in Poland at Mondioring World Cup 2019!
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