What Harness To Choose - Leather or Nylon?

Is variety a spice of life of your pooch? Among numerous harnesses for bow-wows of different functions and crafted of variety of
materials it is really hard to choose the one perfect for YOUR dog. What are you going to do before buying a dog harness? You will for sure
consider characteristics of each one. So now... We've done it for you! Moreover, we've compared two harnesses that gain traction in FDT online shop - Agitation Harness made of genuine leather, and Tracking nylon dog harness. Still, we've left choosing - the most pleasant part of it - for you. Enjoy it!  
Leather harness for working dogs is, as you can understand, one of the most solid heavy-duty harnesses on the dog market. It isLarge Dog Padded Leather Harness
created for guard and protection duties, training for attack and protection. The product is manufactured of leather impregnated with grease - soft, flexible, still durable material,
and stitched with reinforced yarn. Does this harness rub into dog's skin? No, for it has thick felt padding on back and chest plates.
The edges of the product are perfectly rounded. No discomfort, no immense pressure, no pain. Made to stand great charges, the harness makes the load shift from the neck to the shoulders and chest.
Can one adjust the harness? Yes, and we've made it four-ways adjustable thanks to leather straps and quick-release buckle.
The hardware of the product is worth mentioning separately - it is welded of brass or chromed steel, riveted and stitched into the item. Such a hardware is resistant to rust, corrosion and external factors of influence. Our craftsmen provided the product with one more tool for better control - comfortable handle - you can mention it in your order, as it is optional. Black or brown, the leather dog harness for working dogs has a long life span
and provides a canine with everything it needs for effective training an safe walking.
Step-in Nylon Harness for Dog TrainingTracking nylon dog harness is a multifunctional dog product, made of strong stretch-resistant nylon, waterproof and useable. The dog can wear the harness under any weather conditions, training under rain won't become less effective with this comfortable nylon harness.
Wide straps and ergonomic construction assure the harness' functionality, the product doesn't hurt the animal. This is indeed a multifunctional dog product fitting for pulling, tracking, jogging, patrolling, training, walking and many other activities. One can choose the patches accordingly.
To practice pulling, use the two side rings - thus your dog can build its muscles or pull some cargo, sledges, or bike. The under-belly strap is removable, but the chest strap cannot even be adjusted, so you need to be very careful in measuring the dog. To use the harness to its best, there is a control handle on its back. One set of functional patches goes with the harness for free. You will make the choice based on informed opinion, and enjoy dog training and walking even more!
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