To Choose a Pulling Harness for Dog

For some dogs Pulling ability is a must – sled dogs, SAR dogs and assistant dogs are widely used for work, transportation, assistance and rescue operations. Life may depend on their level of pulling. Other dogs may be involved into pulling to improve their exterior, build their strength and get championship in pulling dog sports.
One has to note that pulling harness differs from any usual walking dog harness, and choice of such a harness needs to be a well-informed one. Several factors need to be considered: dog's weight, body length, strength of a pooch, materials and construction of the harness to be chosen. You need to be very careful about measuring your dog's size and weight – a harness of incorrect size can become the reason for injures. Here are two harnesses crafted by ForDogTrainers to train your dog pulling, you can make your informed choice after considering some facts about these two products.

Caucasian Shepherd Leather Dog Harness

So, first option is our Multitask Leather Dog Harness padded with felt. Fist of all, it is made of genuine leather (remember, material is an important detail) of top-class quality. This non-restrictive type dog outfit can be adjusted in four ways, and can be used for walking, service work, training and, of course, pulling. Did I tell “padded”? Yes, it is padded with soft thick felt at chest strap and back plate. So now, is it soft to the dog's skin? Obviously … yes. Strength of any dog harness, in a measure, depends on its hardware. Brass buckles and rings are welded (means reliable and really strong) and looking luxurious. To save time and for your ultimate comfort we've equipped this exclusive dog harness with plastic quick-release buckle. Let your dog try the harness on and see – pulling is an exciting sports when you have top-notch equipment to practice it!
Pulling Dog Harness for Shar-peiThe second option is Nylon Pulling Dog Harness. One of its evident advantages is its resistance to water (here once again high quality  of material stands out). Daily walks, tracking, training sessions and - you've guessed - pulling – are some of the activities your dog can practice wearing this amazing nylon piece of equipment. Lightweight and exclusively practical for training under any weather conditions, this harness is one of our most popular products. Straps of the harness, as well as its back plate, are wide and comfortable – when the size is chosen correctly, your pooch will enjoy wearing the harness. The product is to be adjusted easily according to the specificities of your dog's body. A quick-release buckle is one more feature of the product, rather helpful for the owner.
Both harnesses are made for large, medium and small dogs, the range of sizes can be found at the corresponding pages. You're welcome to choose one of these two harnesses for your bow-wow – each one fits great for pulling. Remember: pulling activity contributes into your dog's behaviour improvement, for this is an excellent way to spend the dog's energy and to provide it with amounts of work it needs. Besides, this sport can strengthen bonds between you and your powerful four-pawed friend, as you become a team in accomplishing complex tasks. Choose a corresponding harness on our web-site and compete for Pulling Championship!
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