Choosing Everyday Dog Muzzle Type

Comparing Everyday Dog Muzzles Classes

Regardless of regulations, which are mandatory for certain dog breeds and their mixes to wear a muzzle in the public, there may be specific situations for each dog, in which the wearing of a muzzle is required.

At this point, however, it must once again be explicitly pointed out that a "general muzzle compulsion for all dogs" would contradict the Animal Welfare Act.

If we compare muzzles here in the following, this article should by no means serve to justify a general muzzling. Rather, it's about making it easier for a dog to wear a muzzle through a sensible choice of the muzzle.

Regardless of which breed of dog he holds, every responsible dog owner should also carry out muzzle training with his dog as part of the animal's education.

The wearing of the muzzle must then not be forced in a stressful situation the dog. Rather, the muzzle training "tasty" can be designed in peace and quiet for each dog:

Under no circumstances give your dog the feeling that the muzzle is a punishment! On the contrary: If you make the training particularly pleasant, then your dog will soon wear a muzzle as naturally as his collar. Do not start habituation to the muzzle with the muzzle itself, but be very careful. Detailed instructions for targeted pre-training and non-compulsory habituation to the selected muzzle can be obtained from the Veterinary Association for Animal Protection e.V. ( under the button Fact sheets (pdf).

The following criteria are important when selecting a muzzle

  •     The dog must be able to pant undisturbed with the muzzle
  •     The dog must be able to drink with the basket muzzle
  •     The basket muzzle must not be too heavy
  •     The muzzle must leave snout and nose enough space
  •     The muzzle must ensure that the dog can not bite a living being while wearing the basket muzzle


The price for a muzzle is in our view not a selection criterion. A muzzle is usually a one-time purchase. The biggest price difference between the muzzles is about 20,00 €; this is a negligible amount in terms of the cost a dog incurs over his life.

nylon muzzle

1. Panting: -

2. Drinking: -

3. Weight: ++

4. Room: -

5. Bite protection: +

Conclusion: because of 1st and 2nd for prolonged wearing - the dog life threatening!

loop muzzle

1. Panting: - / + (depending on settings)

2. Drinking: - / + (depending on the setting)

3. Weight: +

4. Room: - / + (depending on the setting)

5. Bite protection: - / + (depending on settings)

Conclusion: By far the most attractive model. Looks nice, but is actually useless. If used as a bite prevention, then panting and drinking is hardly possible. But if this is guaranteed, then the dog can bite despite the loop. Goes well with the dog regulation: guards security, but does not achieve this!

plastic muzzle

1. Panting: +

2. Drinking: +/-

3. Weight: ++

4. Room: +/-

5. Bite protection: +

Conclusion: looks neither very good, nor is it particularly stable,  but well suited for smaller dogs!

Lightweight leather muzzle

1. Panting: +

2. Drinking: +

3. Weight: +

4. Room: +/-

5. Bite protection: +/-

Conclusion: does not convince properly, risk of injury from attacks not completely excluded!

Big leather muzzle

1. Panty: +/-

2. Drinking: -

3. Weight: +/-

4. Room +/-

5. Bite protection: ++

Conclusion: so much leather, or tannins are for the fine dog's nose rather a pain. Protects against dog bites, but narrows the dog a strong. Not very suitable on hot days!

Metal mesh muzzle

1. Panting: ++

2. Drinking: ++

3. Weight: +/-

4. Room ++

5. Bite protection: ++

Conclusion: looks martial and stokes with it possibly fears of the dog. For the dog itself, in addition to the weight and the narrowed field of view should be unfavorable.

Safely protects against bite injuries. Despite the described disadvantages, our favorite for big dogs!

Explanation of the rating symbols:

++ = very good

+ = good

+/- = still satisfactory

- / + = sufficient with big restrictions

- = deficient

- = unusable

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