World Stray Animals Day - Is It for You?

Have you ever heard about World Stray Animals Day?  As sad as it sounds, there are about 200 million stray dogs in the world – dogs, whose life depends entirely on chance and humans' attitude. Though there are many people with hearts of gold, opening the doors of their houses and their hearts to stray animals, there should be more actual knowledge about the problem. That is why April 4 has been chosen as World Stray Animals Day. Harness and Lead for Adopted Dog

    Despite grim statistics there are many ways to make our companions' life better, especially if they are forsaken and are in constant need. Millions of dogs dwell in shelters, so one can prove to be a loving, responsible person by adopting one of them. If the space one owns allows, it's a good idea to foster a stray dog, thus giving the animal opportunity to feel what real life is, and offering kind people a chance to become parents to a lovely pooch.

    Besides, almost everyone can voluteer and donate – giving up not only money, but what is even more important, one's time and love to those desperately needing it.

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