Active Dog Month - Get Your Dog to Exercise!

Perhaps you've heard that April is considered a Canine Fitness Month and Active Dog Month in the USA? Dog fitness encompasses all the physical work intended to prepare a dog for sports, to avoid (or limit) injuries, to maintain a good range of motion Bite Training tag for bull Terrierand to help it age without losing mobility. In canine fitness dogs and their trainers work on balance, coordination, muscle building, endurance, and proprioception.
Dogs, as well as their owners, need to move to be balanced - both humans and dogs encounter serious problems due to obeisity and sedentism. We all, together with our Fidos, need to build up muscles so as not to injure ourselves and to have fun to be healthy.

Through simple and fun exercises, presented in the form of tips and games, your dog may learn to engage in muscle work. A bond with your dog will develop through positive reinforcement even inside the comfort of your home. Still, great way to burn your dog's extra energy and weight after long cold winter is going outside. Samoyed Dog Running
In order to improve muscle tone, flexibility, balance, proprioception (awareness of the position of different parts of the
body), mental, cardio, reflexes and to prevent the risk of injury and excess weight, fitness is an important asset in your dog's life course towards a fitter and healthier future!

What activities are good to keep your pooch healthy and fit not only in April, but also during spring and summer? Start with simple walks and some games. Then you may increase time spent outside and intensivity of physical activities your dog is ingaged into. Whatever is the plan you make for you and your dog to celebrate National Canine Fitness Month, check with your veterinarian what kind and what amont of exercise is appropriate for your dog or pup individually.

What could you do apart simple walks and exploring your neighborhood? Visits to a local park may be very exciting for your pooch. There he/she can play with pals, bark and do almost everything he or she wants, including some obedience classes which are also very practical for dog's health, especially on a regular basis.Black Labrador Running with a Stick
To walk your dog and control it well you will need a good dog leash - a leather, nylon, or a retractable one. To practice obedience and to take a walk in social places check our must-have dog muzzle and a comfortable padded harness for dog. Need some dog toys and kibble for playing - you can also find them here. If your dog practices agility and dog sports, check other dog harnesses. Many items for professional dog training are available in our online dog boutique - check them on! Use top quality dog equipment for all types of dog activities and remember: A tired dog is a happy dog!

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