Best Friends Day

    Among Utites States' important holidays is the National Best Friends Day, celebrated on June 7th. This holiday appeared in 1935 when June 7th was chosen by the U.S. Congress to mark respect of close friendships. Dogs Best Friends
    There is no doubt that close friendships are extremely important, especially in this age of technology and times of  social isolation. Friendship is very beneficial for emotional, physical and mental health. But should your best friend necessarily be a human? I bet you agree that a dog can also be a very close friend, and we all appreciate their role in our lives! According to one article, “Best friends are usually someone who we share interests with, or who have compatible personalities with ours, which means that not only we can relax, have fun with and travel with, they are also the ones who understand us and are always there for us”.  Perhaps, we cannot hear our dog's reply while sharing our troubles with him or her, but dogs give us something even better – unconditional love!
    Dogs Best Friends HolidqyHow would it be nice to celebrate National Best Friends Day with your furry friend? Well. Spend some more time together! Perhaps, your dog has some favorite spots – visit them together and organize funny activities there! It may happen that you and your human best friend live far from each other, but most probably, your dog friend is always by your side. Benefit from it, spending time in the most pleasurable and interesting way especially on National Best Friends Day – then you'll have times and moments to reminisce about together!

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