Prevent Your Dog from Escaping Month!

    July is considered a National Lost Pet Prevention Month, raising awereness of danger to loose easily a pet, escaping from the yard or house. Dogs are known to be escape artists, so it sometimes is not enough just to have a fence around your house. What tips can be used to prevent your furry friend from getting lost? We hope you'll find useful suggestions.
Your safety, as well as safety of your dog, starts from inside. So, first of all, you need to secure your house and keep your pet inside (especially a small one) at night and during hours when you cannot superwise him or her. You may want to put an exercise pen or a baby gate near front doors so that your dog would not rush out. All the doors and fences outside should be locked securely. Check your fence constantly for gaps and lose slats. ID Collar for Dobermann
    What about your pet's papers? Keep vaccination records, shelter information, photos (especially recent ones) well organized and available to be always ready to prove the dog is yours or to help shelters and rescue groups in finding it.
    A dog collar, being essential part of your dog's equipment, should be well-adjusted and comfortable, but also contain some ID information – your address and contact information. Use ID tags to make this information visible for those who may find your doggy. Check our collection of beautiful leather dog collars and well-crafted nylon dog collars, together with dog accessories online! Fancy ID Tag Dog Escape Prevention
    Another good option to keep your contact information with the dog is microchipping. In fact, the process is painless and doesn't harm your pet. Upon scanning the chip, a vet or a shelter staff will get your contact information and help you to reunite with your lovely pooch.
    While walking in the park, keep your dog on a leash to be able to control it easily when other pets are around. Leashes come in a variety of styles and colors, so you will definitely find something suitable for you and your pooch. Large variety of leather dog leashes and nylon dog leads are for you to consider. Nylon Leash for Car Dog Security
    You may also need to prevent your dog from escaping through a car door or a car window, if your dog has such a tendancy. To do it effectively you need to use a dog seat belt and a car leash. Russian Terrier Leather Dog Lead
    Teaching your dog obedience, for example «Come» and «Stay» among other things, will not assure your dog's safety for 100%, but still can prevent him or her from running to an unsafe place, a street full of cars or from chasing someone or something.   
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