Dogs Role During Pandemics

Lovely Heros of Pandemic - the Dogs

The pandemic caused fear, sadness and isolation, but you might feel better if you have a cute loving dog with you. Still, François Martin, the researcher in animal-human relations knows it himself. He was helped by his two Great Danes, and he felt from experience that dogs can give people they live with a stronger sense of social support and lessen some of the negative psychological effects of pandemic. German Shepherd Puppies PlayingAccording to Martin, the head of the animal welfare team at Nestlé Purina in St. Joseph, Missouri, when asked about the role of the dog in people's life they confess feeling to belong to the same group with their pet and being kept busy. The dog needs to be walked, trained, and it gives the person some sense of life. "I don't know anyone who would be as happy as my dogs to see me every day" - Martin adds. Dogs are indeed supportive, especially during difficult times such as pandemic. Over 1500 dog owners participated in the survey in November 2020 and spring 2021. Amstaff Cute and Happy with Owner

Dog owners are remarkably less depressed than those who don't have such companions; besides they pay more attention to other pets and are happier. If we compare condition of those who suffer from anxiety and from depression, dog ownership is much more important to those distressed because of COVID and lacking social support. In harmony with Martin's words, the person who is not really depressed in general and not overwhelmed because of pandemic, won't feel a big difference while having a companion, in contrast to those who suffer from loneliness. Martin's research results were published in PLOS One on December 15.
It is well-known and also confirmed by Teri Wright, a psychotherapist at a private clinic in Santa Ana, Calif., that pets, including dogs, can provide affection, companionship and entertainment. Still, a decision to get a dog should be carefully considered, because for some dogs can be a source of stress. Teri Wright is a dog owner, but she also has a rabbit Dusty at her office, and this rabbit helps her clients to get more relaxed.
Extra Large Dog Italian Mastiff with OwnerStanley Coren, professor emeritus in the Department of Psychology at the University of British Columbia in Vancouverhas, owns two dogs - a Nova Scotia Retriever named Ranger and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Ripley. He makes an interesting note about the value of a dog for persons affected by stress and anxiety. It is natural that spending time with a dog might reduce life concerns and social anxiety, but medical and financial anxiety will remain. Koren emphasizes that people's depression might be reduced because of dog's positivity, which is absolutely necessary during the pandemic. When a person lives alone and is not supported by anyone, a dog will most probably help maintaining this person's mental health. In order to understand better the connections between animals and people and the way they contribute to people's happiness more research is needed. It is generally admitted, and Martin agrees with this, that if the person loves dogs and has opportunity to get a dog, he or she better should do it.
Bite Tug for Rotti Puppy
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