How to protect a dog from the heat

Protect The Pet When Heat Strikes

It is june - and it means that heat is already on the way. Annually a lot of dogs arrive to the veterinary clinics, who have get a heatstroke left in the locked cars. Malinois
Now it is a high time to get convinced whether you know how to save the pet from a sunstroke and a heatstroke. It is well-known that dogs can't cool by sweating, as people do. Dogs can sweat slightly through small pillows of paws, but the main way of dog thermal control is the speeded-up breath which does not always help at very high temperature and air humidity, so the question of ensuring comfort and safety for your favourite in summer is not an idle one.
The dog needs to have continuous access to fresh cool water. Be convinced that the bowl with water is in a shadow,
change liquid for drink more often. Collie

Your dog can enjoy short-term stay in the sun, but it needs a cool place in a shadow for rest. Long stay in the sun can lead not only to a heatstroke, but also, can you imagine, to solar burns. The shadow from trees isn't a sufficient protection. If the dog has a doghouse, be convinced that it is rather spacious and is well ventilated. As alternative, an awning or a canopy in the open air are acceptable, but it is better if you put them in a shadow. Certainly, your house is an ideal shelter for the pet. Arrange a "door" for the favourite if possible.

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If the dog loves water, a bathtub with water or a children's pool can be magnificent addition. Many dogs like to play and have a rest in cool water. It is better to put the dog pool in a shadow, don't forget to change often water and to observe a dog during water procedures. It is possible to sprinkle a dog with water if your pet likes it, though the majority prefers bathing in the pool. 
Certainly, there are extras for ensuring comfort during a heat for pets, like cooling stove benches or collars, but nothing will replace fresh water and a shadow to a dog during the heat. Of course, you may need special products for warm season to protect your dog without hurting it.

  German Shepherd eyes protected

You may consider the following muzzle models for your pet to assure its comfort and pleasure during the summer walks:

Wire muzzle covered with leather  Wire Basket Muzzle for large breeded dogs  Wire Basket Dog Muzzle best quality

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