Why do dogs show aggression?

Why does the dog bite?

  It is well known that dog's teeth are a part of its digestive apparatus and serve for food splitting. However, it is not their sole function. Teeth are also very important for communications in a dog world. Pitbull Leather Spiked and Studded Collar 3 Rows S55
Since their most early age puppies play with one another, using teeth. They bite their fellows at skin, at paws and thus, they learn to control the force of bite through the games. When somebody bites too strong, the bitten one yelps, thereby letting know that this bite is unpleasant. The mother can intervene to puppies' games and educate the biter, stirring him up and calling to control its bites. Small puppies usually get the first taste of everything with the help of their teeth, thereby getting to know the world around them, including their owner's hands.
Never allow a puppy to bite you even lightly. Say strictly “Stop!”, and switch his attention to some other thing or activity. Never play with a puppy by your hands, do it only with toys. Subsequently, light puppy bites can turn to serious bites of an adult animal, and you definitely won't like it.
By the way, the fact that an adult dog bites is often the main reason why its owners want  to get rid of it : to put the dog to a refuge or even to put it down.
Indeed, the dog bites as a consequence of education, not of a bad heredity. Of course, genetic heritage shouldn't be ignored - to some races aggression was put intentionally (Pit bull terrier, Amstaff , Doberman, Rottweiler). 44 dog teeth are its sole weapon which in some situations can become a deadly one, and yet they are the main facility of its protection.

So why a dog bites?

  A bite is a manifestation of aggression. There are 3 types of aggression displayed: injurious, hierarchical and defense aggression.
  The dog displays injurious aggression being hungry. However, mental disturbance can cause attacks of cattle, when the dog kills the animals without motivation. One shouldn't confuse though injurious aggression with hunting instinct at hunting dog races, such as Jack Russel terrier.
  Desert dogs' aggression is the most dangerous one, since it can be displayed toward humans. There are cases when packs of dogs attacked humans, viewing them as their victim. Unfortunately, packs of desert dogs are by no means usual nowadays, therefore ALWAYS avoid meeting with them, particularly being alone.
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        Malinois  Hierarchical aggression is displayed when somebody, on the dog's opinion, is impinging on its leading position in the pack. Dog is a gregarious animal always living in the society. The sharp hierarchy always exists in the pack. Alpha male with leading position in the pack always eats the first, defines the order of the other dogs, protects its integrity, controls reproduction. Each member of the pack  has his own place in this hierarchical structure. So the dog lives easily and quietly, when it knows its place.
Similarly, your pet considers all the members of your family to be his pack. For a small puppy his owner is always alpha male. But gradually, while growing up, the puppy tries to advance on a scale of ranks and to take dominating position. Ultimately you can overlook the fact that your pet became a leader of your family. How can you define who is the alpha-male in your pack: you or your dog? The leader always takes the best positions in the house to control easier all movement of the members of the pack. Your dog snarls when you try to drive him from the sofa? He snarls when you take away his delicacy? Be sure then - he is the leader in your house.
  If you decide to adjust the situation and to regain the leading position, your dog will be displeased and you risk to be bitten. And, biting once, and understanding that you departed, dog will bite at any conflict situation.
From the  early age let the puppy know that YOU are the pack leader, YOU are the owner, YOU are the bread-winner, and then you will not see displays of hierarchical aggression from your dog, as well as you will reduce the risk of dog's behavior problems for you and others.
  Defense aggression is aggression caused by fright, fear or unusual situation. If the dog is cornered, it can attack and bite without prevention. Wounds can be serious, since the scared animal does not control force of the bite. At the same time this very dog can be cute and kind in daily life. It is not usually advised to  deal with injured animal, since it can bite spontaneously.

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  Very often children unknown to the dog are bitten, as they do not no how to treat the dog and may frighten it. That is why, to avoid injuries, do not leave your pet in private with children.
The best way to avoid inconvenient situations is to muzzle the dog while walking with it or during training sessions, visits to the vet, or staying in public places. Our muzzles for dogs are made of non-toxic high-quality materials, all their metal details are welded, they will provide comfort and security for your dog.
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