Effective Puppy Training

Puppy Training by Yourself - Where to Start?

Since the first day you brought a puppy into your home you have to come in contact with him so that  your puppy could gain experience of communication and form personal qualities and temper. The authority of the dog owner is very important during the period for puppy's self-actualization. The dog owner replies for socialization degree, that`s why there is no need to protect the puppy from communication with other dogs and people. It`s recommended to walk with your puppy in crowded places  after vaccination and isolation period to teach him to get acquainted and to play with well-bred and calm dogs.
Rottweiler TrainingStart puppy training with the basics of obedience. You have to injoin strict running of a command on the puppy gradually and insistently continuing your classes until puppy understands and learns the command. You should be severe giving no encouragement and preventing tricks to keep your authority,  otherwise the dog will stop to obey and become aggressive. The puppy should be admonished only at the moment he made a mistake and not after that. Otherwise, the  dog won`t understand why the owner is dissatisfied. The second method of punishment is isolation of the dog in a separate room for a few hours.

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Where to start puppy training and how to reset relations with him after punishment? Stop demonstrating your anger. You mustn`t spank and call your puppy to admonish or to isolate him, it`s better to step up to the puppy by yourself. Then you should show your love to the pet again. When the dog shows aggression to old people or children, it`s taken by the back of neck, upped and haken hard or pulled the leash and admonished loudly. Then the puppy will stop feeling his strength and advantage.  Black Terrier with Rug

If the dog command is run correctly the puppy is praised and encouraged. Your pet is always ready to please you and waits for approval. This nails down pride and self-confidence. Voice intonation serves as a signal for the puppy. He will understand at once whether his owner is  satisfied or not. Puppy training is started from teaching him to his name and to dog commands:

Dog`s Name. The dog`s name is pronounced for several times and your pet is praised for attention.  

"Sit". The puppy is sat and a hand with a dog treat is raised over the puppy`s head. The puppy will look at the food lifting his head and will sit. Praise your puppy then give him the dog treat and repeat the dog command a couple more times.

"Leave it!" is said in a severe voice, especially before a walk so that the puppy does not pick up spoiled food from the ground.

"Here", "Stay", "Heel". The puppy is taught dog commands by the same rules: dog command + praise + dog treat.

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