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Choking Chain Collar Chromium-Plated

Training a dog from early age is crucial, especially with large and extra large dog breeds. Chain collars, namely slip collars or choking chains, are very effective as a training tool, when used properly. This is in fact a chain with O-rings at both ends, which form a loop that, put on the dog's neck, has a training effect. Please, note, that a choking collar should be worn stricktly in the following position to work - right under dog's chin high on its neck behind the ears. Remember that choking chain is not a walking collar, the dog may wear it only for training purposes and for behaviour correction.

Key features of this Choking Chain:

  • steel collar plated with chromium
  • two O-ring at the chain ends
  • smooth and shining
  • width - 4 mm
  • rust resistant
  • increased tensile strength

Intended use of this Slip Collar for dog:

  • dog behaviour correction
  • training purposes

Sizes available:

  • check the sizing chart


  • chrome-plated steel

To get exact collar size measure your dog's neck circumference and add 2 or 3 inches to it. Besides, you may want to consult our sizing chart to order a corresponding collar size. As to collar's weight, it varies from 200g to 290g. Herm Sprenger uses a special technique of elecroplating to make his collars long-lasting. A thin layer of chromium is elecroplated to a metal object, making a stainless steel collar look much more decorative. Before, the collar is polished with help of bright-polishing procedure,thus making the collar smooth, bright and shiny.

Use the table to choose a correct size of the Collar

50 cm (20 inches) will fit the dog with neck size of 43-45 cm (17-18 inches)
55 cm (22 inches) will fit the dog with neck size of 48-50 cm (19-20 inches)
60 cm (24 inches) will fit the dog with neck size of 53-55 cm (21-22 inches)
65 cm (26 inches) will fit the dog with neck size of 58-60 cm (23-24 inches)
70 cm (28 inches) will fit the dog with neck size of 63-65 cm (25-26 inches)
75 cm (30 inches) will fit the dog with neck size of 68-70 cm (27-28 inches)

How to measure a dog for this collar:

Some practical information:

  • To choose the proper size of the prong collar, it is necessary to measure the circumference of the dog's head (with ears) and add 5 cm to this dimension.
  • For example: the circumference of your dog's head is 55 cm. 55cm +5 cm = 60 cm. Therefore, the size of the collar should not be smaller than 60 cm.
  • Attention ! If your dog is a puppy or a young dog and is still growing, remember that after a while, the collar will become too small. Please, specify age, breed and sex of your dog in the comments.
  • The perfect size of the choke collar for the dog is if you put it easily on the head of your pet and do not touch the ears. The choke collar shouldn't neither choke the dog nor slip off.

To see how to take measures for the collar click here

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Please, be warned:

  • Your dog should be always suprevised while wearing a choke collar;
  • To get a choking chain for a puppy, chosse the size which fits perfectly; Being bigger or smaller, the collar will not have a needed effect or will efen heart a pup;
  • It is forbidden to use a choking chain on dogs of small breeds and very young puppies
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    Customer Reviews:

    by Zena, Nottinghamshire, UK
    Date Added: 05/13/2020
    Julia, please accept my apologies for not sending a photo earlier. The quality of the leather leash is excellent, the best of those that I had! This is my Hamish with a new collar and leash.

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]

    by Heinz, Gessertshausen, Germany
    Date Added: 12/21/2017
    Hello, Ms. Steel, the parcel arrived. The collar is very beautiful.

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars [5 of 5 Stars]


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