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  • Model: HS26#1057 Collare con le punte di Herm Sprenger 3,25 mm
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Solid Curogan Pinch Collar for Neapolitan Mastiff

Neapolitan Mastiff, being a descendant of the ancient fighting dogs, has being often used as a guard dog. Because of its physical type, it can easily drive away from his territory any unwanted visitor. However, he is very friendly in a homely atmosphere, and sociable. It has an excellent memory. Nevertheless, Neapolitan Mastiff is very jealous, he often shows his jealousy by aggression. To train such a massive dog, you need to have a very reliable and safe dog supply. What can be better than a prong collar?

Here we describe a truely excellent curogan prong (or pinch) collar, made in Germany according to the world's standards for training dog gear. Curogan is an alloy of tin and copper, it does not contain any nickel additives. This is the reason why the collar does not cause allergies and skin irritation. What about hair discoloration? Well, according to the statistics received for six years, less than 10% of dog owners announced this problem while using the curogan collars.

Key features of this Dog Pinch Collar:

  • non-toxic antiallergic Curogan
  • amazingly strong
  • no nickel additives
  • prongs evenly arranged around the collar
  • 2 O-rings to attach the lead
  • attractive design
  • perfectly suits Mastino Napoletano

Intended use of this Prong Dog Collar:

  • safe walking
  • obedience training

Sizes available:

  • prong's diameter - 3.25 mm (1/8 inch)
  • length - 58 cm (23 inch)
  • weight - about 230 g (8 oz)


  • curogan

To summarize:
- this strong curogan prong collar for Mastiff is the right choice for aggressive dog or dog with behavioral problems;
- curogan, an alloy of tin and copper, does not cause allergies or skin irritation;
- the product meets the world requirements for training dog gear, and, used properly, helps you greatly in your Mastino training.

Check how this Curogan Prong Collar looks on the dogs
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Pinch Dog Collar for Neapolitan Mastiff

Reliable Pinch Collar for Mastino Napoletano and Braided Leather Lead

Now about how to use the prong collar. There are some inexperienced dog owners, who tried to use a prong without actually knowing how to do that, and have seriously hurt their four-legged friends. To avoid sad consequences of misapplication of the Prong Collar, note that:

  • all collars are of standard size, so in order to adjust it
  • you need to add or to remove links;
  • put the collar high on the dog's neck, right behind the ears;
  • use this dog accessory only for training, do not leave it on the dog for long periods of time


    Please, note:
    - choose the correct collar size
    - remove enough links to allow the collar to work as designed
    - add links in case the collar is too tight to assure free breathing
    - never leave your pet alone while it is wearing a prong collar
    - put it only before the training session and take it off right after training is finished

    If you'd like to «hide» the prong not to confuse people around, use this practical nylon protector, which makes the collar look like an ordinary one, limits contact with water, protects against excessive light reflection and reduces noise made by the collar.

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    Extra Big Dog Prong Collar

    Excellent Tool for Mastino Control - Prong Curogan Collar

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    Leather Lead Braided for Mastino

    High-quality Prong Collar and Leather Leash from Fordogtrainers for Mastino Napoletano

    When appropriate measures are taken and the collar size is chosen, enjoy training your Mastino Napoletano to become obedient and loyal guardian!

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