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“F.E.B” Incredible Painted Leather Dog Muzzle

France is the country with a very rich and complicated history. Its symbols changed many times, but the main colors – blue, white and red – were constant “companions” of french people. The resulting tricolor has become a real visual incarnation of the famous slogan: "Freedom! Equality! Brotherhood!". Since then, red symbolizes the flame of French people's hearts, white is associated with a national heroine Jeanne d'Arc, and blue - with St. Martin of Tours, who, according to ancient tradition, gave his blue cloak to a beggar.

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Painted Leather Dog Muzzle French Elegance

Luxurious Dog Muzzle with French Flag Painting

Is the idea of freedom, equality and brotherhood also close to your heart? It may find its reflection even in dog accessories you purchase for your doggy! For example, this Leather Dog Muzzle with picture of Flag of France is exactly what you need to show your heart disposition to the French people and their ideals.

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Leather Muzzle for Large Dog

Ergonomic Leather Dog Muzzle with Painting

Key features of this French Elegance Dog Muzzle:

  • full grain genuine leather
  • non-toxic
  • safe and comfy
  • adjustable straps
  • waterproof paint
  • padded at nose area
  • leather covered steel bar
  • handpainted

Intended use of this Dog Accessory Handpainted:

  • groomer and vet visiting
  • attack and agitation training
  • dog socializing
  • walks

Sizes available:

  • Malinois
  • GSD
  • Rottweiler

Available colors:

  • Flag of France

How to size your dog for this muzzle:

How to size a dog for fit muzzle

1. Length - Distance from the tip of the nose to eye line in inches (blue color on the picture).

2. Circumference - Circumference around snout one inch below eye line in inches should be measured with mouth a little open (green color on the picture).

3. Eye Line - Distance from eye line to right behind the ears in inches (yellow color on the picture).

4. Neck Circumference - Circumference around neck behind ears in inches (pink color on the picture).

5. Width - Snout width in the widest part (orange color on the picture).

6. Height - Snout height, should be measured with mouth a little open (light blue color on the picture).

Look how to size your dog correctly for a well-adjusted dog muzzle.

Please note! In hot sunny weather there is a risk of heatstroke for a dog in a closed muzzle. For training in a very hot season, use ventilated rubberized muzzles M10 or M58, where the coating of the wire does not heat up in the sun.

Hand-painted leather dog muzzle will undoubtedly attract people's attention and even admiration. The paint our craftsmen use is waterproof, so it does not fade, nor does it rub off with time. The muzzle has an ergonomic design, allowing your pet to get lungefuls of fresh air at walks or training sessions. You can adjust the muzzle easily with the help of soft leather straps. All the parts of this Luxurious Leather Dog Muzzle for Agitation Training are non-toxic; they are stitched and riveted, thus making the product almost unbreakable.

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Dog Muzzle Closed with Padding

Ventilated Leather Dog Muzzle with Painting for Successful Training

Besides, thinking about your dog's comfort and safety, we've padded the muzzle with thick felt, and have put a steel leather covered bar to protect the nose from injuries. Because of all these “small” details, our Painted Dog Muzzle with French Flag on it keeps well its shape, can be well adjusted, is comfortable and rather durable. The best investment is an investment into your dog's health and comfort, so do it with this “F.E.B” Incredible Painted Leather Dog Muzzle!

In order your dog to feel maximum comfort the muzzle can provide with, measure your dog carefully to get the needed size.
Never leave your doggy unattended while muzzled.
To prolong the product's life span and to keep it in excellent condition, please, polish it with water repellent and use leather balsam.

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